Melon DS 0.9 Hybrid Shader?

Hello Libretro Forums, so i was just checking the new Melon DS 0.9 and man it’s becoming my favorite DS emulator. But as I was testing some stuff, namely the new Hybrid feature, i encountered an issue. If I apply a shader the shader only applies to the screen that is not Hybrid, the Hybrid screen acts as if there is no shader there. Is this a problem on my end? or it’s the emulator itself? Thanks in advance!

Depending on how the core does its hybrid layout, it’s probably scaling the big image up on its own, which breaks the pixel-detection algorithms used by shaders like xBR.

The solution would be to either use the ds hybrid shader from the handheld directory on a non-hybrid core output, or if it’s scaled to a power-of-two scale, use one of the super-*xbr-3d shaders from the xbr directory.

Okay imma try it out thanks!

Omg…I just found out about something so cool! I think this is going to be my setup for DS games holy **** this looks good! Have you tried playing DS with your monitor display orientation to Portrait? It’s like im playing on a BIG DS i cannot believe it lmao

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lol yeah, it’s awesome :smiley: