Missing Textures Majoras Mask

Hello, Quick shout out to the devs for letting me relive my childhood n64 days! You guys are amazing!

I’ve tested different settings on a Stable and Testing Build on RetroArch 1.7.3. as well as Lakka 2.1. The hardware I’ve tested on has been a Lenovo t430, T400. Custom gaming pc with i5 at 3.6, and a gtx 770. and my main emulator console which is a Dell Optiplex. Is there a setting that addresses the misc invisible textures in OOT and Majoras Mask?

@Ydoc I Have the same issue in the same area, also lighting issues in Woodfall temple and the begining area before clocktown

Which core are you using? If ParaLLEl-N64, can you try it with Mupen64plus-next?