[mupen64plus-next] core is not loading with lakka

i have copied the latest mupen64plus-next core to my system but the core does not load at all. it allways returns to RA with the following error: “failed to open libretro core”

my system : Lakka v2.2.2. x64 with intel pentium g4500 - gpu is hd 530

has anybody already used the new mupenplus-next-core with lakka?

I did on my Raspberry Pi 3B with Lakka 2.2.2, it works OK as far as I can tell.

I extracted the core from Lakka-RPi2.arm-2.2-devel-20190616231513-r28303-g0af0cf448.img.gz

what tool do i need for extracting the cores from an lakka-image ?

On Windows, you can use 7-Zip.

To open the Lakka filesystem from a Lakka-*.img.gz file, the sequence for opening is (you can just double-click):

Lakka-*.img.gz > Lakka-*.img > 0.fat > SYSTEM

Then you can browse everything (sorting by filesize helps to see where stuff is).

Cores are in /usr/lib/libretro

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I have experienced a similar thing. So far, with the default settings and version 2.2.2, I haven’t been able to run N64 games. I guess trying to change the core might solve the issue.