My custom SNES overlays


I’ve been working on a few border-overlays (bezels) and thought I would share them with the community! All overlays are intended for a 16:9 format using the core provided system aspect ratio. Adjust the opacity to your liking.

Secret of Mana

I loved staring at the box and cart art when I was a kid. I found a high quality scan and decided it would make a nice border!

Final Fantasy VI (III)

This is a tribute to Yoshitaka Amano’s art. I used his Chibi versions of most of the game characters. I decided to make this border functional by adding Sabin’s blitz combinations (SNES versions) in the right side border. It looks fine on my 60" LCD, but may look a little cluttered on smaller displays.

The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past

Another artist tribute. Shotaro Ishinomori’s LTTP comic originally serialized in Nintendo Power was reprinted in 2015. As a seminal nostalgia piece I picked it up and highly recommend to any collector (The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Amazon $17.99). Scans and touch-up coloring done by myself.

I have more planned, and will post them as they are completed. Thanks for letting me share!

Post Your Overlays!

Looks great! What shader is that?



Sony PVM - RGB

The best! :grinning: :+1:


I like how they overlap the game image slightly. Looks very nice and well-integrated.


Sweet ! Thanks a lot for sharing !


This reminds me of Super Game Boy Bezels, I wonder if someone intend making SGB borders like you did in HQ, would be amazing.


Here’s another one for BOF:

I just started a playthru of the BOF series and decided to make overlays. It was difficult to find good usable scans of the original concept art. I ended up using the GBA character portraits.

Breath of Fire


Nice border man, looking forward to see more of them. Donkey Kong, SF2 and Mega Man series will look terrific with your skills.


I’ll put those on the list!



Keep up this awesome work!


Everyone likes Mario right?

SMW is an annual playthru in my household:

I made 4 color variants, they can be downloaded here


Nice work dude. Downloading.

Request for SF2 and Sonic the Hedgehog.


Ok, here is a Street Fighter II overlay.

There is already a large amount of excellent SF bezels for Arcade & console, if you are interested they can be browsed at the RocketLauncher forums:

I made this bezel using the art assets from the arcade version:

Overlays download here


Nice work, will do nicely for my Snes version SF2.


I figured Super Metroid was due, especially in light of the recent E3 announcements. Here’ s a Super Metroid overlay, I pulled character art from the 2002 Manga by Ishikawa Kenji (art).

Overlay Downloads here


These look incrediblee!!


Thanks! Glad people can use them!

Here’s video:


I just discovered Retroarch over the weekend. Is there a nice tutorial on how to load these boarders? I’m a bit confused and Google hasn’t been very helpful :frowning:


I have not looked at the downloads for these but generally you will have the image and a .cfg text file Text file lists the image name and tells RA to display it fullscreen.

Copy the files into a sensible location like the overlays/borders folder

Then for example load up the SMW game above. Enter the menu and go to Settings->Onscreen Display->Onscreen Overlay

Turn on display overlay

On Overlay Preset browse to the location of your .cfg file and select it

Go back and resume the game. If all is fine enter the menu and go down to Save Game Preset.

So that overlay will only show when you load the game.

Depending on your screen layout you may need to adjust your video settings to fit the screen.

I covered that stuff recently on my website I think. I will get back to you


@Syde1020 i made this weeks ago and you reminded me to finish it. It may help