My New Favorite-Shader: GTU_V050!


after a long search for a shader for Sonic Mania I got the GTU_V050 shader for ReShade. After a few adjustments, this shader became my absolute dream and I wanted it for RetroArch. When I found out that this shader was also made for RetroArch, I played around with it and found the perfect setting for me:

If you’re interested, you can download this file here, put it in RetroArch’s shaders and overlay folder, and apply these settings here:

  1. Activate the shader in the shaders menu: RetroArch\shaders\GTU_50_Favorit\shaders_slang\crt\gtu-v050.slangp
  2. Put the Scanlines from the .zip in RetroArch\overlays\Scanlines <- activate them with the opacity of 40%
  3. Activate this parameters and don’t forget about the Video Filter in the video menu: Blargg_NTSC_SNES_Costum_pseudo_MD_Composite!!

For sonic mania you have to download this file and extract it into the sonic mania directory (Steam\steamapps\common\Sonic Mania). Then you just have to run the ReShade_Setup_5.3.0.exe and install the whole thing there with DirectX9. Then you have to save the content of the loaded .zip again in the Sonic Mania folder. Finally, all you have to do is activate the Clear Filter in the Sonic Mania Settings!

Please tell me how you find it!

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That shader was born in Retroarch long time ago! It’s in the shaders crt folder already for years!


and it’s fu*king amazing! Just mix it with this filter, my scanlines and my parameters: Blargg_NTSC_SNES_Costum_pseudo_MD_Composite

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I’m glad you’re enjoying my new filter presets. Hope many others can benefit from them as well!

Have you tried the Blargg_NTSC_SNES_Costum_pseudo_MD_S-Video filter preset? It does the same things as the Composite version while being sharper.

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Thanks man! Composite has the absolute best retro effects in combination with the GTU shader

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You’re most welcome!

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