My Realistic Arcade Bezels

On that same screen you bind the buttons, there are three options, save core remap file, save content directory remap file, and save game remap file. Because the key bindings are not tied to the regular overrides, if you make a change in a core, a platform or a game away from the default config RA provides, you need to select that option and it will generate a remap file, that will be read on each core, platform or game launch (depending on what you saved).

You can check those options in your video in the 29:16 mark.

I feel kinda bad in an a**hole-ish kinda way for making these interjections, as you have worked hard enough on the bezels and videos, and it’s like I am trying to correct your sayings; I know that you know I mean well, but just wanted to say it nevertheless :slight_smile:

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very nice work man thanks

Thank you! That worked! No don’t feel that way. I’m open to help. I’m no expert. I’m learning as I go along. :blush:

Hi. Is there an un to date collection of your great bezels?

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Check in my descriptions for my youtube videos. The realistic arcade bezel collection for Mame was recently updated. I need to add the very recent ones though from the this month and last month. Meanwhile I’m in the middle of converting my realistic arcade bezels for Retroarch. Which I’ll release in a pack soon. I probably won’t be making them for regular mame anymore because frankly it’s not very good for my kind of bezels. Retroarch with the Mame core though is perfect.


And I can only thank you in advance for this.

P.S. I see various links in your video descriptions. Unfortunately my workplace firewall blocks access to almost everything that has the word “game” in it (libretro survives, I hope they neve notice…) so I can’t check them.

Could you please tell me which is the one pointing to the MAME collection?

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Here is a realistic Arcade overlay for the game Punch-Out!! for use on Retroarch.

This overlay is coming soon on my Arcade Retroarch Pack. Stay tuned!


Here is a realistic Arcade overlay for the game Space Invaders for use on Retroarch.

This overlay is coming soon on my Arcade Retroarch Pack. Stay tuned!


Can you please add the Space Invaders Deluxe artwork as well?

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Excellent work as always. Can’t wait for rhe Retroarch packs!

I have one question: I notice that your overlays seem to always stretch to the full emulator window, and so they’re correct only if played at “native” 1920x1080 full screen resolution.

Do you know if you can set them so to keep the original overlay proportions or size whatever the emulator window is?


As a side note I made a simple and rough little Python program that is able to scan your bezel images, find out where the transparent viewport is and automatically generate:

  • the config file for the core orverrides
  • the shader preset config file for the crt geom shader
  • the cfg/png couple files for the overlays propers

If you think it can be useful for you I’ll be happy to share it.

It’s still a rough prototype but so far it worked for me with the files in your collections 40 and 41.


Sounds awesome! Yeah, share it. Although not all my overlays on Retroatch use the crt geom shader.

Here is a realistic Arcade overlay for the game Virtua Fighter for use on Retroarch.

This overlay is coming soon on my Arcade Retroarch Pack. Stay tuned!


Here is a realistic Arcade overlay for the game Ridge Racer for use on Retroarch.

This overlay is coming soon on my Arcade Retroarch Pack. Stay tuned!


Well, the program generates all files in it’s output directory. It’s up to you to copy what you want in the actual folders used by retroarch, so if you don’t need the shader files you can discard them.

The program is in Python, so you have to install Python 3 in order to use it (if you need help just ask)

Once you have Python installed you only have to change directory where you unzip the script, copy *.png bezels in the input/bezel subdirectory and run:

python “MAME 2003-Plus” pacman

Where: “MAME 2003-Plus” is the name of the retroarch core you use (needed for paths) as it appears under the usual config folders, and pacman is the MAME game name (no extension)

The quotes around the core name are mandatory if it contains any spaces.

The game name does not support wildcards, but I also provide a simple Windows batch file that scans every file in the input directories.

There’s a small configuration needed before using the program. You have to open the program file and change the variable “realoverlaybasedir” to the full actual path where you store your overlays for Retroarch to use. this is needed because the override config files contain the “input_overlay” setting that points to the actual overlay *.cfg location.

Other limitations are that it works only for RGBA files, so it might not work for your older bezels.

If you could tell me how to share it to you I’ll be happy to do it.


whoa, that sounds extremely useful :open_mouth:

I hope it is, expecially for you that have to rework hundreds of files.

Of course you’ll probably fine tuning and tweaking for each game to be perfectly centered in the bezel, but still better than moving them pixel by pixel.

Just give me a little more time. I’m trying to make it a little more user friendly and doing it as always I broke a couple of things.

BTW, can I post a .zip attachment in this forum os should I use something else to share it?

Sounds great.

I’m not actually sure whether it will let you post it here or not. It’s worth a shot.

Wasn’t there an user contributed software section in the forum? Maybe I can post it there.

A script that recognizes the transparent pixel space of pngs and creates the config files accordingly!? Holy s***! This is a huge implementation!