My Realistic Arcade Bezels


Yeah, once you’ve done all “real” existing things, you just don’t have a choice if you want to make more…

Glad you keep making them, in any way :slight_smile:


I try. Yeah at some point they just stopped making bezels with artwork. The early 90’s was like the beginning of end for it. Street Fighter II and MK still having bezels with Artwork. At least the first MK game. So once I do all of them there’s no where else to go. I guess I can improve the ones I already made and use custom bezels, but I just don’t enjoy the custom bezels as much as the authentic ones.


EDIT: I managed to make them work in RetroArch.

But i have an issue. When i use a shader, it covers the whole screen including the overlay, instead of the game screen. Is there a way to fix that?

Also, when i try to adjust the screen size, it affects the overlay as well. As if the game screen is the overlay. It doesn’t work like normal overlays that are separate from the game. So how do you apply shaders and other options?


I just made a tutorial but it’s for Mame. I don’t know if it will help you guys, but I hope it gives you an idea of how I setup my bezels up.

I know how to setup a bezel for Retroarch, but what I’m not sure about is how to get individual bezels to work with individual games. So for example if I open up Asteroid with Retroarch I want the Asteroid bezel to appear. Then if I open up Galaxian I want the Galaxian bezel to appear. How is that done?


From what i understand these are not going to work on RetroArch as actual overlays. Because when you load them in the same way as MAME, RetroArch handles them as if they are the game screen. So any adjustment you make through RetroArch or try to add a shader, it will affect the overlay as well. You can still adjust the game screen only via the TAB internal menu though but this way it won’t save.

If we could convert those as normal overlays (a single png and the overlay cfg file) and load them through the overlay menu in RA then we could do all the adjustments we want through RA and not MAME’s menu. Shaders, Overlay opacity, etc. And all of these would be able to be saved as overrides.


I see that the RetroArch bezel pack is more than 2GB so I have yet to download it.

If the RetroArch bezel back is not implemented via RetroArch overlays, how is it being implemented? Shaders?

Overlays seems like the natural RetroArch way to adapt arcade bezels. I can definitely understand scaling and other problems if trying to use native MAME artwork scaling in tandem with RetroArch.


You can always press the ~ key while in the MAME gameplay and move down or up with the arrows to the stretch (or any other slider) and tweak it there while looking at what you are doing.

Thanks for showing the process in video. I see you are not setting the lay files with the bezel and screen coordinates per game, and are relying to manual stretch. Bummer.


I’ve tried it before and messed it all up. I don’t pretend to know. Anyone is welcomed to do it though. I don’t mind. It would help me.


Once you load the core, choose the overlay for that specific game and then go to the Quick Menu, scroll down and click on Save Game Overrides for each game. Is that what you wanted?


You’re in luck, as I have already converted @Orionsangel packs :
I’m still missing the last 2 or 3 packs, it goes up to pack 40.

You can copy them manually, or if you’re using Retropie or Recalbox, I have made an installer :
Apparently Retroarch on PC and Mac work a bit differently.


That is an awesome set as I have said before I believ.

The thing is its Retropie/recalbox specific…I understand why this happens and the Pi scene has so much stuff and creative users its great but I would love to see more stuff RetroArch specific rather than the Pi stuff.

RetroArch specific stuff can be used so much easier on more platforms the converted from there out to the other systems.

I will get round to it eventually but my god it takes a while to setup all the video settings!

I need to find out if relative paths are the same on most platforms. That would make overrides more crossplatform.

There is a set of PS1 overrides on the launchbox forum I need to look into as I believe those are relative paths



If you place those in system/mame/artwork, MAME will load them automatically, just like the standalone MAME. But that brings the problems of the standalone MAME as well, like how you can’t save scanline settings, etc.

You could use RetroArchs native shader suppport but, as i said, this will apply scanlines in the whole picture, including the bezels themselves. So that’s also out of the question.

Seems like Cosmo0 has converted those to be used as standard overlays that you can load via the RetroArch overlay menu. This way you can save any settings for the overlay and any scanline settings for the game natively, thouth RetroArch itself. You don’t need MAME’s internal features at all.

@cosmo0 Is there a way to download the whole pack? I rather not use an installer. Thanks.


Well, they are Retroarch overlays, it’s just that Retropie and Recalbox pre-configure it in different ways than Retroarch on Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android (which all have different configurations).

If you find out where the config files are loaded from on each platform, converting the sets is as easy as a folder-wide search/replace using any advanced text editor. I personnaly didn’t spend enough time to look for the paths for each platform, but I don’t think it’s very hard. If you find out where the “” files should go for each platform, I can add these to my installer.

My pack is pre-configured, plug-and-play (well, copy-and-play) with everything pre-set: resolution, overlays and scanline shaders :wink:

No, unfortunately. They all widely differ.
They just can’t be the same, anyway: the “standard” way of storing application files on Windows is in ProgramData or user\AppData ; on MacOS it’s in ~/Application Support ; on Linux it varies from distro to distro ; and on Android it’s in a “Retroarch” folder in the internal memory, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it can be moved to the SD card.

For even more fun, the cfg files have to refer to other files (overlays or includes) with an absolute path, because while some systems load up the “.zip.cfg” file dynamically, others “include” it in the system’s main cfg, etc, so the root of the relative path is different from system to system.

And some systems search for the “.zip.cfg” next to the roms, while others search for it in specific places in the config folders.

That’s a whole lot of fun :smiley:

The installer only downloads the overlays you need, and automatically change the paths in the overlays. Next version will allow you to change the overlays resolution on-the-fly, during install.
It can also help you manage your arcade roms by removing unwanted stuff (that’s actually the original goal of the app).

If you really want to copy your overlays manually, you can git-clone the repository (with the “bare” option), or use the “download” feature of GitHub, but both options will also download the whole “sources” folder, including @Orionsangel MAME bezels (a few GB).
There is also a release with Orion’s packs up to 35. I might do a new release sometime later, but since I created my installer, I have fewer incentive to do it.


Thanks i saw the download sources option afterwards.


Awesome! Thank you @cosmo0!


Is anyone having a problem where my bezels aren’t showing up when you upgrade Mameui? I was using 0.193 and it works fine for displaying my bezels, but now I upgraded to 0.198 and my bezels look like this…

Anyone know what’s going on and how to fix it?


Working here. But I’m using a self-compiled git exe of mame 0.198


Here is part 43 of my realistic Arcade Bezels for Mame

You can download them here -


Here is part 44 of my realistic Arcade Bezels for Mame

You can download them here -


Hello everyone, And hello Orionsangel, your bezels are superb. I’m a newbie to all this and I have a question. I’ve looked all over and I can’t find an answer so I’m hoping you guys can help. I’m running retroarch on my windows 10 pc 16:9 ratio. I’ve installed cores, set up roms, figured out overlays and shaders so it’s going well so far, but I cannot work out how to use these bezels on my roms that I’m running through MAME in retroarch. They are really really great and I would love to use them. Is there an easy way to make them compatible with retroarch, or install them into the MAME core, or am I sool and gonna have to source ones made specifically for retroarch? Any help from any user would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: