My Realistic Arcade Bezels


to get it to work you need a mame dir inside your systems dir, thus /system/mame and in that dir you need to to have it setup like normal mame (for the one without the year, those with years you need to create a dir named after the core) thus: /system/mame/artwork then select a game and it should, if done correctly, load the bezels without problem


So I followed your instructions and got it working… kind of. The bezels appear, but they are very low resolution, and they appear as part of the ROM, so if I apply a shader or resize or move the ROM window, the bezel changes with it. Am I missing something? Should I be doing something with config files too?

Would it not be better to edit the config files so that I can use these assets as normal retroarch overlays, and if so, how would that be done?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m a bit confused by your conversion package, but it sounds like what I’m looking for. What I’m doing right now is finding the overlay I need and pasting it into my overlays folder with a hastily copy/paste config file. It works, but only for one image at a time, so I can’t combine overlays, bezels, and masking, and the other problem of course is that I then have to manually resize and position the rom screen so that It sits within the overlay.

Am I correct in thinking that your installer overcomes these issues? Thanks for the help everyone.


I’ve had this one for a while. I tweaked it up a little today. I changed the side cabinets. Red trim cabinet. This bezel makes the screen a little smaller, but features more of the arcade artwork and the instruction decal. It’s just an alternate version if anyone wants to use it.

You can download it here -


You can download my entire Realistic Arcade Bezel Collection here (Updated) -


that’s an hell of work! Thank you so much. They are just amazing


Thank you. I appreciate it.


@cosmo0 Would you mind updating your RetroPie Compatible “Retropie realistic arcade overlays pack” to v44 if you could find the time?


I’ve never used RetroPie.


The performance is not the best for arcade games but it gets the job done.

Would love to have a dedicated Machine just for MAME but sadly my economic situation is not what it used to be. That’s what tends to happen when you have a family to support :wink:.

Love your Arcade overlays @Orionsangel as always and try to push that like button every time you release something new :blush:


Thanks Rion. I appreciate it. I have new ideas, but It’s been a bit difficult lately to tread new ground. I’ve kinda stalled out for new high quality material.


Here is part 45 of my realistic Arcade Bezels for Mame

You can download them here -


Here is part 46 of my realistic Arcade Bezels for Mame

You can download them here -


Awesome work as always. I assume it is probably not very easy, but is it even possible to have an option to keep the game video output at its full default size and without tube distortion (I understand in many cases the bezel area may be cropped if the option is selected). I like and appreciate the current effect, but it would be really cool to sometimes use a clear standard output on games sometimes and keep at least some of the bezel showing to fill a widescreen. Currently, I can select a different video option to get a full game picture, but that of course turns the bezel off completely. Anyway, just a thought and definitely not a complaint :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the tons of work you have done with these.


Nothing has been easy about making these bezels. As time goes on it gets harder and harder. Unfortunately Mame limits what I can do. In the Tab option I added a no monitor screen option and you can also zoom in on horizontal games.


I’m gonna start posting some completed bezels as single files. Because it takes me a while to build a collection and this way you guys get them sooner. This doesn’t mean I won’t release packs anymore. The plan is still to reach Part 50. This Berzerk bezel is one I had on the back burner for a while. It’s been updated and now looks more like the real Berzerk Arcade machine.

You can download it here -


There is now a bounty started to add support for MAME artwork to RetroArch:

I thought the folks in a thread like this might appreciate knowing :slight_smile:

There is a forum thread as well: [$35] Support for "integral artwork" - backdrop/bezel/overlay


That sounds intriguing. Thanks for the info.


My Blue Print bezel has been updated and now looks more like the real Blur Print Arcade machine.

You can download it here -


Here is my realistic Arcade bezel for NATO Defense.

You can download it here -