My Realistic Arcade Bezels


Check out my Ghosts 'n Goblins realistic arcade bezels. It includes the original bezel and the alternate bezel.

You can download them here -


Do you have a mame game list of all the ones that you have done bezels for so I can just have only the mame games you only have bezels for , and also do you have / can you upload the individual video previews of each game that you have used in Youtube… It would be brilliant to be able to scroll through choosing games having these videos fullscreen as the game video preview select. …

Brilliant work so far… realised this is what was what missing from mame all along…


Also in your video in how to add your bezel to mame you have to go in and do a lot of resizing of things, how about just posting your mame config / setting files with all that already done??


i.e even maybe post your full mame for them even with all the game categories as these all seem to be perfectly organised as well and a real time saver!


I do post my mame cfgs. It stores the size but nothing else. That’s just the way Mame is. You can’t save your full settings.


Thank you. I appreciate it.

Here is my Mame folder with all the bezels I’ve done so far -

Just put this file in your Mame directory called “Folders” or click on it to see it in wordpad and you’ll see the list.


These are absolutely amazing!

Pardon me if the question has already been answered before, but I’m on my mobile and just can’t read the whole thread.

Can these bezels be used with Retroarch MAME cores?



Thank you. I appreciate it.

Well to the best of my knowledge they can, but I did it a long time ago. At the time I couldn’t figure out how to curve the screen and things like that. I’m sure improvements have been made. I haven’t owned the Shield TV in more that a year. So I haven’t kept up to date with it.


If you’re using Retropie, check this:
If you’re not using Retropie, you can fiddle with the paths in these files: but you’re on your own to get the correct paths.


Thank you very much for your quick answer.

Actually, you got me right on the fact that I’m using my Nvidia Shield TV as my primary emulation device.

I’d like to use Retroarch and not an Android MAME, though, because I really like the CRT-like effects you can get with Retroarch shaders.

I don’t know much about the difference between MAME and Retroarch/MAME cores, but from what I understoond it seems to be tricky using MAME bezels and Retroarch. It is really so?


Thank you very much, I’ll surely try your manager as sson as I can.

I don’t use Retropie but a NVidia Shield TV, as I said before, but, if I get things right, I could use the manager on my PC, where I keep a mirror of all my MAME collection and where I do all ROM merging and editing (since the Shield is not exactly the best platform to do so…).

Then all I have to do is some path editing or search and substitute to make things work relative to the real location I copy the collecton once I’m finished, right?


I think so. You’ll have to try out for yourself ; I know Recalbox doesn’t load the files exactly the same way, I suppose Retroarch on Android is also different.


Thanks. I’m experimenting and trying to find out which file contains which settings so it will be easier to “bulk” edit them to match the Shield filesystem.

One question, if I may. I noticed that retroarch automatically shows each game at the maximum size possible.

How can I scale or force it so that it fits a bezel?



I’ll be happy to help if you open an issue at my GitHub repository, I don’t want to hijack OrionsAngel’s thread more :slight_smile:


Agreed. Sorry.

I’ll put my generic question in another thread.


This is an update to my Forgotten Worlds arcade bezel.

You can download them here -


Looks amazing!:heart_eyes:


This is an update to my Klax arcade bezel.

You can download it here -


This is an update to my Tetris arcade bezel.

You can download them here -


This is an update to my Final Fight arcade bezel.

You can download them here -