My Realistic Arcade Bezels


Here is part 47 of my realistic Arcade Bezels for Mame. There’s nothing new here just minor updates. Some had the side panels updated and monitor frames changed and outlines have been added to the monitor frames to give the artwork bezels more depth. It’s a small detail but it makes them look a little more real to me.

You can download them here -

I’ve also updated the link to my entire realistic Arcade bezel collection. It now includes everything I’ve done up until this point.

You can download it right here -


Thank you as always for your hard work :grinning:


Thank you Rion. It hasn’t been easy. I do this for nothing in my spare time. I’m glad It makes people happy.


It really does! You are awesome.


I updated my realistic arcade bezel for Toki with the official arcade bezel. Hope you guys like it.

You can download it here -


These look really nice.

My personal preference is to have the bezel but not the screen glass overlay.

Is there any easy way to have your arcade bezels without the glass overlay? (Possibly something we could adjust ourselves?)


Yeah in the tab in video you can choose to have no screen at all. I’ve been slowly adding that to every bezel.