My Realistic Arcade Bezels


Thank you. That’s a nice compliment. :blush:


Here is an update for my Shadow Dancer realistic arcade bezel. Hope you guys like it.

You can download them here -


Hey Orionsangel! Love all your bezels. I just noticed that some of the PNGs in the bulk zip packs are blank? Such as the Japanese Arcade Bezels and a few random games. Is it supposed to be like that?



They’re supposed to be. I used to make bezels different back then.


Here’s part 48 of my realistic arcade bezel series. There’s many updates and some brand new bezels. Hope you guys like it!

You can download them here -


Here is a realistic arcade bezel for Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom.

You can download it here -


Here is an update to my Congo Bongo Realistic Arcade Bezel for Mame

You can download it here -


Here is a new version of my Strider Realistic Arcade Bezel.

You can download it here -


Here is a new version of my Caveman Ninja Realistic Arcade Bezel

You can download it here -


I’m looking for a good generic arcade monitor bezel. The one i found had some aliasing issues at the edges. Is there a cleaner one?


Generic? Can you be more specific? Material? Color? Style? Wood grain? Plastic? Metal?


Like the ones you post here but without a game specific artwork. Dunno, black i suppose.


I have this one. A random project from a while back that never got released. Is that what you mean?




Orion, do you have it in 1080p? Would love to update the one I use with this one :slight_smile:


I do, but I plan on releasing it soon after some touch ups.


Awesome; take your time, no rush at all.


Yeah, something like that. Thanks