My Realistic Arcade Bezels


I’d love to have such a screen reflection as in these overlay but rather clean (without scratches and stains) and for 1440p resolution. Is it possible that somebody told me how to make it?


A user named Retrochan already did that to my bezels but not in 1440p. He’s done 1 thru 29. Don’t know if he’ll do 30 and 31.


I don’t see it anywhere and I wanted only the screen reflection because I want to use it for PSX games, pity.


Hi OrionsAngel :slight_smile:

Great work as always. I like the restoration work you’ve done on the artworks, it’s obvious when you look at the previous and latest SF2 and BBatMan artworks, which are much sharper and more vibrant.

I have mostly finished my overlay pack, with the “realistic” pack including many of your works, along with most of John Merit’s, who did many “integer-scale” versions, so I kept those even when they were not as good-looking.
It includes your latest creations, I always keep an eye on this thread :wink:

Thank you for your awesome work, I hope you’ll keep making them for a while :slight_smile:


@embe : unzip the artworks, and search in each archive (yeah it might take a while) : some have separate images for each element : one for the artwork, one for the screen borders, and one for the screen surface. You can then take this last image and adapt it in another overlay.


Hey OrionsAngel :slight_smile:

I don’t know how you choose the games you want to make overlays for, but if you ever want inspiration, the Retropie forum has a “MAME Random of the Week” section :
It’s a member of the forum who randomly selects 3 games, then users vote for the game they want to play.

Sometimes there are very well-known game, sometimes they’re not very good, sometimes they’re incredibly weird, and sometimes you find hidden gems.

I hope you find things you like, there :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’ll check it out!



If you’re talking about vert_screen_bezel.png or vert_screen_mask.png they open in Photoshop without transparency… it’s either black or white. _bezel_alt.png it’s just nothing but blank image.


No, not the bezel.
I don’t want to check out the 300 overlays, but I’m sure I have seen some of them where the screen glare is a separate file.

Or you can just cutout the screen in the existing overlays with Photoshop.

Here is a sample, grabbed from Derek Moore packs (which I’m pretty sure comes from OrionsAngel) :


Hi cosm0, I started to split Ryan’s artwork in this repository:

The lay files I created are platform independent, whereas Ryan’s layout are dependent on Windows.

I just took the bezel and split it into Cabinet and Screen (in GIMP). The beauty of the MAME lay files is that you can add several layers. So I can switch on and off the scratched screen.

For Retroarch, I separated the screen into another layer in GIMP, then I adjusted the Alpha Channel so that it looked good to me, and then merged it into a jpg again.

Needless to say that I struggle with Ryan’s output ;-). I am still beginning to find a structure of files I like, this is where Github helps.

Cheers and good luck.


That screen is originally John Merrit’s at least that’s who I first saw use it. I want people to know that as far as I know John started all this with the realistic Arcade bezels and much of his work has been used by many in the community including me. Over time I have deviated from his original assists and started doing my own things, but that screen remains John Merrits. That has to be said.

That screen gets a lot of complaints that it’s too scratchy and too dark. Then I cleared it up, but the complaints kept coming. Retrochan then made them very clear but now they no longer look like monitor screens. It’s almost like it doesn’t have a screen. Which is fine if you like them like that, but I like the John’s monitor screen look with the scratches and reflections. It makes it more realistic. I’m trying to find a middle ground that makes everyone happy.


That’s great work Estefan3112! Your contributions are appreciated.


My pleasure. You already covrered nearly all of my all time favorites with compelling versions :slight_smile:


Well, personnaly I like these very visible scratches and reflections. I’m currently going through all games to check that my configs are correct and that every game works, and I really like the effect. It makes playing these games really cool. 30-years-old games with 4 colors suddenly become fun to watch and play. Without it they’re just really old-looking games.

I have found an integer-scaled template here (I like integer scale…) but compared to your work it’s much too clean-looking… it’s really missing something.


Here is part 32 of my realistic Arcade Bezels for Mame

You can download them here -


Great work, as usual :slight_smile:

Nice work on Turbo, the overlay I had was very blurry (I think it was John Merit’s ?), yours is quite sharp.
I also like what you’ve done on 19xx.


It was brought to my attention that Gold Medalist is not a vertical game. I figured as much from the slider settings but the bezel was clearly vertical. So I went by that. I’ve now fixed it. You’ll have to redowload the package to get it.


Here’s my realistic bezel for the rare Nintendo Arcade game, Sky Skipper for Mame

You can download it here -


Here is part 33 of my realistic Arcade Bezels for Mame

You can download them here -


Kickass work. You really help in bringing the arcade experience home.

Do you think you could do Truxton next?