My Realistic Arcade Bezels


I would love to know which shader and settings you use in MAME as I am using geom bloom, but when loading the roms I do not get the positioning and curvature you have in the game screen (I checked and MAME is not overriding any data from the cfg files, so its using the ones you set). Thank you!


Hello @Orionsangel !

I don’t think it has been asked before: would you consider releasing your template images separately?
I’m guessing you have images for the side cabinets, the cabinet borders, the screen, various reflections, etc.

I found a bunch of “generic pixel perfect” RetroArch overlays here, but they don’t match yours. I’d like to edit them to add side cabinets, scratches and reflections.
I could cut out the side cabinets and add a “scratched screen”, but the sides of the cabinets would still be “pristine” and probably look weird.

I’d understand perfectly if you don’t want to do it.



I might consider it at some point.


Here is part 34 of my realistic Arcade Bezels for Mame

You can download them here -


So great as always, many thanks! Just one note: You include .cfg files in the Artwork directory, which are Retroarch .cfg’s. Moreover these .cfgs point to non-existent pngs (example: Time Pilot). Do you include them intentionally as a placeholder for the future? If not, MAME standalone does not use them. Cheers for this great work!!!

PS: See my adaptation of Time Pilot here:


Thanks. I use mameui. They work whenever there in that they maintain the size of the screen


Here is part 35 of my realistic Arcade Bezels for Mame

You can download them here -


Here is part 36 of my realistic Arcade Bezels for Mame

You can download them here -


I thought with the Rampage movie and all the hype around it I would update the Rampage bezel. I hope you guys like it.

You can download it here -


I updated the Neo-Geo Arcade Bezels for Mame. Hope you guys like it!

You can download them here -


Here’s my Realistic Arcade Bezels for Dance Dance Revolution for Mame.

You can download it here -

The sound has been muted because of copyright.

You can watch it here on my FB group page as well with full sound. -


Here is part 37 of my realistic Arcade Bezels for Mame

You can download them here -


Awesome work as usual :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if you have planned to do a few missing classics? Notably Boulder Dash (bouldash), and Cadillacs & Dinosaurs (dino).

If you ever don’t know what to do next :smiley: a number of less loved (but still good) games don’t yet have a realistic arcade bezel: 1941, 1943kai, 1944, avsp, darius, dariusg & dariusgx, digdug2, donpachi, gradius3, ldrun2, mshvsf, nemesis, parodius, punchout, raiden, raiden2, rmpgwt, salamand, sci, sfa, spf2t, tbowl, tetris, wb3, wbml, wrally, xmen, and xmvsf.

Thanks for all your dedication :slight_smile:


Thank you. I appreciate it. I did Boulder Dash.


Sexy Parodius

Those are great request and I’m ready to make them. Just one problem though. I don’t have the assets. It’s hard to find the official scanned bezels or decals for these Arcade games. Especially in high quality. If you can find the assets for me. I’ll make them.

I’ve actually attempted Punch Out before but abandoned the project. It was gonna be a Playchoice Mame bezel. The first of it’s kind. I didn’t like the way it was coming out though. I have several abandoned projects just laying around.

Buggy Boy Jr three screen version.


Oh, right! So many versions of Tetris and Boulder Dash :slight_smile:

The Darius cabinet seems to be just a marquee and an artwork above the control panel (which are high res).

The Punch-Out cabinet seems to be pretty simple (exactly like you did), except the control panel and the marquee.
I like where you were going. What did you not like about it?
However, the original Puch-Out arcade was not a Playchoice-10. It showed the current score and time on the top screen and the action on the bottom one.

The mshvsf cabinet seems to be just the “msh” one (which you already did) and a different marquee/logo.

spf2t is just a black border with instructions (which are high res).

For the rest, yeah, I did not find anything “official” either (or in 200*300px…), or they’re just a black border with an “instructions” sticker. It seems that since the mid-90’s, arcade games had much simpler and generic cabinets, I guess so owners could change the games inside more easily?

However, I have compiled a bunch of basic overlays from various sources. They’re often just official artwork or fanart split in two, but maybe you can find something you like there?


Mainly what frustrated me about the Punch Out bezel was the quality of the image and that I couldn’t figure out how to match the two game screens with my bezel screens.

What’s disappointing about Arcade bezels from a historical point of view is that as the years went by less Arcade games would use them. Most started using instruction decals or nothing at all. The early 90’s is the last era that used artwork for bezels like with SFII and MK games. So some bezels I have to make up myself and I really don’t like to do it because I like authenticity. Which brings me to those basic bezels you’re showing me. I could do them, but I wouldn’t like them and wouldn’t feel proud of them. Plus I’d have to track down the artist to give them credit. As I release each part in my Realistic Arcade bezel series it’s getting harder and harder to find scans of authentic Arcade bezels. That’s why it’s taking me longer to release each part. I’ve had a lot of help though from the team members of the Mame artwork community and for that I’m grateful.


Yeah, I also find it disappointing that the “newer” games generally don’t have bezels, and I completely understand not wanting to make “unofficial” bezels. It’s just not the same.

I hope you keep on finding new artworks so you can keep on delighting us with your creations :slight_smile:


Thanks. I appreciate it.


Here is part 38 of my realistic Arcade Bezels for Mame

You can download them here -


Here is part 39 of my realistic Arcade Bezels for Mame

You can download them here -