Nasty moire effect when using crt_geom

This is how it looks:

I darkened the picture because this way it’s more pronounced. Normally it doesn’t look as intense and in most scenes it’s almost invisible but depending on the scene you can see it randomly.

It only appears when the screen has curvature, which is the whole point of using crt_geom. Is there something i can do to fix this?

Using the gaussian beam profile attenuates that a lot (you need to edit crt-geom.slang or whichever pass version you use and delete the 2 // before #define USEGAUSSIAN).

Also keeping settings such as scanline weight/sharpness/luminance to default or low/off will help.
Disabling the dot mask.

Running it at higher resolution.

Thanks. Gaussian helped, though it made everything a bit blurrier. That’s not bad though, i was already using an AA shader to blur things out a bit so it looks closer to the real N64, without having to use Angrylion. Now i just have to remove it or reduce it a bit.

That’s the end result i get now with a combination of an AA shader + crt-geom + gaussian fix (click on the image to see the proper scale and even scanlines).

It’s pretty close to angrylion (it’s a tiny bit clearer) and i don’t have to deal with the low speeds. Text still isn’t perfect but it’s much better than any other attempt i made in the past and Mario’s text is notoriously difficult to get right with a CRT shader without using Angrylion.

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Yup, pretty clean for curved scanlines rendered at 960p.