NEDI filter

I just wish it somehow were possible to do this while rendering the game at 8x

Can you take a screenshot of a psx game at 8x internal res without any shader applied? I can’t run here at that internal res, so I need a screenshot so that I can develop and test a 8x multipass shader. I need a screenshot of Resident Evil 3 or Final Fantasy 9 that show 3D models close to the camera and the pre-rendered background. This is to test a 3D multipass shader here.

Here the new preset and shaders:

It’s the super-8xbr-3d-6p.cgp. It works with games at 8x internal res. Though in some of them you can get artifacts.

Some screenshots with 8x internal res:

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Wow that’s really nice! 6 passes also, without the sharpening.

I have a question about nedi and nnedi3 in Retroarch. When I use those, am I actualy using a neural network in real time smoothening my games? Like an actual ai running over the frames? Or is it a algorithm just trying to copy how it actualy works in a easier way?

I also have a question about stretching the image. Since I don’t know how this works I might be out on deep water. But when I stretch out the image to cover my 42" tv, isn’t that using nearest neighbour then? Or is the actual shader used? I just tough if it were possible in some way otherwise to make a shader that uses a good technique like xbr OR nnedi to scale the picture to desired size.

I don’t think NEDI is a neural net thing, just a traditional algo. The NNEDI3 shader is built by letting the neural network do its learning and then taking the weights it decides on and hardcoding them into a shader. If you open one of the shader files in a text editor, you can see the huge block of weights.

I believe that scaling is using whatever algo is last, so the jinc2 passes that are frequently at the end of Hyllian’s presets should give you good quality. In the case of the single-pass shaders, you may want to experiment with setting them to a specific scale factor (leaving it at “don’t care” will knock it down to 1x when you add the second pass, IIRC) and then adding a second pass of the stock shader set to either linear or nearest filtering to see if it makes a difference.

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Ok, thank you!

Here is an exact comparision on how my preset looks like vs Waifu2x. I think you can see wich is wich.

I am wondering if it is possible to change any kind of scaling factor with shaders. The scaling option doesnt seem to do what I mean. For instance with waifu, if you resize a small picture 2x and then zoom in, of couse it gonna look bad if the source was small but if you change the scaling to… lets say 8x instead, it will look better. Is this kind of option with shaders possible at all?

Did some changes to my preset and just wantd to show it. It’s less deposterized at least.

Just wanted to show you guys my new preset. Actualy it is the same nedi one in Retroarch, but I have made another one with Reshade over it. It’s a combination of first blurring the image alot then different sharpening together with the cartoon shader, wich results in this :slight_smile:

Wierdly enough, it looks much better in game. Maybe something to do with Reshades way of taking screenshots?

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Did some editing to both the Retroarch shader and in ReShade. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Hi Mike, could you upload your config?

Also do I need to use retroarch? I mean I’m using FFVIII Steam version.

BTW this is the best I could achieve with fraggoso hd backgrounds + characters + reshade (adaptative sharpen + crt + levels)

I am not home at the moment. I am using Retroarch wich is needed since I use both Retroarch shaders and ReShade to achieve this. My goal was to make it look like Waifu2x at max noise reduction, wich I think it is starting to do now. Its very demanding to run, even with a 980Ti.

which filters are you using on this?

Oh I cant remember them all from just memory now. But it has taken me over a year of configurations to get to this point. In Retroarch it is nedi first altered with alot of denoise, sharpening etc. ReShade is using one of the blurring techniques from a dof effect. After that I use alot of sharpening together with hq4x and cartoon. Lastly I have configured the ReShade shaders for 4k wich Retroarch has to run in in fullscreen. I dont actualy know if it would had looked worse or the same in 1080. I just figured that a higher res would give the shader more pixels to play with. Dont know if it works like that. But now it is done so… doesnt really matter.

Here are two images. One is Waifu2x and one is my preset.

And heres more of my config -

Managed to get even sharper results.

And here is something thats not Final Fantasy =)

added some crt effect to the current shader- setup

different crt -

Hi, can you have a look in this shader?

it’s a version of NEDI with improvements, maybe it will be better than regular one