Nedi + Super Sampling + CRT = Awesome

Thanx to the super sampling now Nedi and XBR can work great on pre-rendered background games as well even though you play in higher IR. Not really any point in modding pc versions anymore, is there… ?


That golden saucer pic, in particular, looks fantastic.

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Could someone explain to me, how to do this? It looks fantastic!

The easiest way is to enable supersampling in the beetle psx hw core (needs vulkan) and then as shader select shaders_slang/denoisers/crt-fast-bilateral-super-xbr.slangp. This will give you a CRT shader with XBR upscaling.

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Here are some more images :slight_smile:

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So basically I need to use Vulkan to get super-sampling, then I can just use slang shaders (nedi or xbr, along with whatever CRT chain)?

Yeah. Remember to increase the internal resolution in beetle (like 4x or even higher) so that supersampling actually does something.

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Use vulkan to get super sampling. Then use this preset wich I call waifu2x, altough it looks nothing like it …

Then you can use Reshades crt shader over this. The only way I got it working with vulkan is to use Retroarch debug version.

It is important to not use any texture filtering.

There is sadly one Reshade shader used here that I can not share, but HQ4S should do the trick. It is barely doing anything anyway, so …

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@Mickevincent Could I just run a CRT shader at the end of that chain instead?

Also is this worth doing on 3D games or is it better for pre-rendered backgrounds?

Iam sure you can do that.

I prefer it for both type of games. Pre-rendered for obvious reasons. And 3d games because it makes all menus and text nicer. But you decide yourself :slight_smile:

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Could you possibly repost that shader chain?

My hard drive failed and I hadn’t backed it for a couple of weeks, so lost that preset… And your current link had now expired, :joy:.