Neko Project II kai (PC-9801) core (different nekop2, meowPC98)


I implemented Neko Project II (PC-9801) core, different nekop2(meowPC98).

  • libretro port and SDL2 port
  • More CPU clock
  • More memory size
  • More FDD/HDD image types
  • CD Drive available
  • VGA/256 color available and more…

Please add libretro cores family.



Wow, that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing this. We’ll get it added to the online updater very soon.


Nice! :slight_smile:

Can’t test it as I’m on windows. I see it’s using system/np2 too, the cfg file is going to be the same between the 2 np2 cores.



I’ll try to be able to build cores on Windows.

There are difference to between libretro core and SDL2 core cfg files. Then I think cfg files locate different as possible. But 2 cfg files are almost same, probably these can use commonly.

Thanks for your request.



I fixed to be able to build MinGW.



Thank you, but it still gives me some errors.

Compile log.


Nice implementation ( although most of Libretro code is taken from @guicrith or mine implementation)


I used follow MinGW environment. (Probabry this is old)

I try again with

Thanks report.


Hello, r-type.

My implementation is referenced your code. and I add a bit betterment.

Thanks for your great code.


I’m using this one.

The other one you mentioned is indeed really old.


I fixed source on GitHub and maked with MSYS2 x86_64.

Please try it. (:D)


Thanks it’s working now. :slight_smile:

I see that Touhou 1 works, that’s nice.

I did some tests: it runs as fast as the meow port and has additional features that’s good. Just lost some keys for our western keyboard (as : or @) that I could bring back easily.


I cant make works the outstanding PC98 version of Policenauts. I have the hdi file and the user boot disk (hdm file) Its not crashing, but nothing happen, a strange black screen Can someone make it works through retroarch ?



Is there any reason why you are using PC9801-26K as the default sound board?
Isn’t PC9801-86 the usual default one in Neko Project II?


To hostile1975, Tetsuya79

Hi. Tetsuya79 saies so, default 86 newer sound in usual NP2.
But legacy games use 26K sound.
Then it sets 86 sound, there are no sound legacy games.

26K = SSG, FM(OPN)
86 = SSG, FM(OPNA), PCM(not WSS)
118 = SSG, FM(OPN3-L or OPL3), PCM(WSS), MIDI(MPU-401)

It is convenient to know this feature.



Sadly every Neko Project II version has some sound issues except this one (which is closed source and for windows only).
I give you the links to its revision history if that can give you ideas for np2kai (if you don’t already now about it!):
-old thread
-new thread (just got a virus warning on the last version :s )

Fixes include saturation problems (like Touhou 2 “End of daylight” song after a while, other tracks too), cleaner digitalized voices in a lot of games.


I know ‘fmgen’ have a lot of fixation.
But 'fmgen’s source code is not opened.
And NP2 itself can not drive completely.
Let 's do our best if possible.


I added ‘fmgen’ FM sound module to NP2kai core.
Option -> Sound Generator -> fmgen
and restart.

This is probably same ‘NP2/fmgen’ binary used.
(‘NP2/fmgen’ seems to be a lot of fixes done.)

Please try to use fmgen.


Nice, great addition!

Although I’ve got a lot of noise here, I don’t know if that’s the same for you?


Oops. It’s noizy my Linux environment.
But Windows (Windows 10) environment, sounds clean.

I’m sorry for making you feel uncomfortable.
I tune this.