Neko Project II kai (PC-9801) core (different nekop2, meowPC98)


I fixed fmgen module. Please try again.


Nice, no more noise! :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to find more bugs, but I’m noticing the music plays too fast comparing with np21w and np2-fmgen (testing with Touhou 2 still).
But I see 56fps displayed on those emulators while it’s maybe 60fps in Retroarch?

The volume is very loud too (and volume options don’t work when fmgen is used).


The volume is very loud

I fixed volume.

the music plays too fast

Next, I search this.


Thanks, volume can be adjusted fine now with fmgen.



I adjusted 56.4fps (from 60fps).
How is it?


It’s really bad, the sound is stuttering a lot, even with vsync OFF and throttle at x1.

I’m not really sure about that 56.4fps value though. Np21w frame counter seems a bit unreliable and changes a lot (it shows 0 if nothing changes on screen, 30fps during the intro of Touhou 2…).

edit: It’s good now, I’m not sure if that’s your last commit ("fix fmgen rhythm load ") or because I cloned it again that fixed it.
Yes, it makes digital voices better now too. Great work! :slight_smile:


Ho. I was astonished a bit.
It seemed to be doing fine in your environment, I’m relieved.

Then please enjoy!

If you have any problems, please say anything.
Thank you!


Hi AZO234 and Tatsuya79,

Is it a second PC-98 core that you are talking about ? Is it better than the first one ? Will it be possible to download it soon in the core updater ?



I focused on core development, so I do not know about distribution.

I confirmed that the core build is possible on Windows and Linux.
However, builds for other environments(Android, iOS, etc) are not complete.

Will all the builds become available, will they be distributed?
I will extend the build.



Ok, thanks for answer and for building core


I asked around and everyone is OK to make it the main np2 core.
Now it needs to happen, when people that can do it have time for that. :slight_smile:

Azo234 core has many improvements, a big one not mentioned in the 1st post is save state support.
They work in the in-game F12 menu though, they’re not using retroarch callbacks atm.
And also better sound, fixed max framerate, joy2key & joy2mouse options, some fixes for windows installs…


Cant wait to test it Thanks for all efforts


I can share the one I compile for windows x64, that’s the only one I know how to make.

Azo234 just added some (untested) recipes to build on Android if anyone wants to give that a try and give some feedback.

Fmgen sound is really good, it fixes a lot of bad noises in many games.
The frame rate fix makes such an impressive difference on digitized voices too.
First time I can understand what’s being said at that Rusty logo and when ending a stage. :cat:

There’s just a crash when changing the generator from “default” to “Fmgen” the 1st time (it works if you start again then).
That’s perhaps caused by my bad core options implementation as I use np2 initsave(); function and do a check/reset at start (to apply those options if the emulator was paused in the background when you changed them prior to a restart).

So what happens in that case is a change from “default” to “Fmgen” followed by a soft-reset = crash.
Then you launch the core again = hard reset with fmgen ON = works fine.

edit: link updated with fmgen crash fix, thanks Azo234.
edit2: updated again for the fmgen memory fix.


Here it is a Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) build of it!v4MDCTrT!jzMr1WfR6u_JZQPrLVfoXPsV6FTp1oxvl03Y5XXc7_I


I fixed to crash when default->fmgen switch.
Probably I freed NULL memory.

And, core’s name was change to ‘NP2kai_libretro.dll(so)’.


edit: I fixed fmgen memory error again.


Thanks a lot for sharing the core I tried it and for the first time I managed to lauch and play at the fantastic Policenauts !!! Thanks to the new CD option The core is great


I fixed fmgen sound was strangely at state load.
(Then old state data can’t use.)

And I set default to 86 sound card & fmgen.


Memory error occurs when restart RetroArch and loadstate.
I tune this.

I fixed memory error when load state.



Answering Twitter, indeed Garudius95 is missing 16 pixels on bottom.

NP2kai / Anex86


Oh, thanks.
In my environment, more images are disturbed.
It may be using software that is not normal.

I search missing 16 pixels on bottom.

I merged many adjusted sources, the image distortion was fixed.
Strange. :thinking:
But 16 lines are missing.


Sharp X68000 has 31.50 kHz and 15.98 kHz video modes.
This last one is skipping some pixels on the bottom to render faster (61fps vs 55fps if I’m not wrong).

If the PC98 has modes like that, perhaps np2 is using the wrong one for that game?

edit: Image distortion seems to happen when GDC clock is on 5Mhz in System Setup Menu.