Neko Project II kai (PC-9801) core (different nekop2, meowPC98)


PC-98’s video mode are 15.98kHz, 24.83kHz, and 31.5kHz(PC/AT compatible).
Usually, 640x400 24.83kHz mode is used.
For games that need speed, it will use 640x200 15.98kHz mode.

Perhaps there is a shortage in drawing in 24.83kHz mode.
I’ll seek it.

Image distortion happen when GDC clock is on 5Mhz

You are right.

By the way, I used X68k longer than PC-98… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m not super knowledgeable on make files so forgive me if I’m missing something but could we get an iOS make file for this as well? I’d love to test this out on my phone thanks to its controller mapping (standard np2 core is already available for iOS)


Retroarch crashes when trying to use PC-9801-118 soundcard. (win7 x64)

I found a game that got digitized voices problems, 2 Shot Diary / ツーショットDiary (エロゲ 注意).
I’m not sure if that’s a speed problem like before.



My technical knowledge of PC-98 inside is still insufficient.
Please be patient. It takes time to correct a little bit.
But I’ll log of problems to correct.

2 Shot Diary’s BEEP voice is very clear with np2/fmgen(made by others with source closed) on Windows.
(set BEEP_PCM=2 to ini file)

About PC-9801-118 soundcard crash.
There is a possibility that it is affected by invalidating the initial process of OPL.
Initial process of OPL seems to destroy memory, so I invalidated it.

edit: I fixed OPL config struct.
OPNA config was overwritten by oplgen_initialize().


I changed ‘state save/load’ method to libretro’s one.
And made F12 menu is minimized. (moved to F1 menu)



Great! Save state usage is much easier now. :slight_smile:

About 2 shot Diary voices, they’re garbled even with that np2-fmgen 0.83 version on win7 x64. Strange.


does this mean that the NPII’s menu can’t be used? found it useful on multi disk games :wink:


No it’s just been cleaned up of items you already have in Retroarch Core Options.
So what is left now is floppy/hdd/CDROM selection with F12.


F12 menu is minimized.

I just reduced NP2’s F12 menu items.
You can use FDD & CD-ROM swapping with F12 menu. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, the mouse cursor is moving incredibly fast in F12 menu. How can I change that?

Thanks for help!


Try press F11. (mouse capturing)


Thanks, but F11 only shows the mouse cursor from Retroarch GUI and I still cannot open menus in the F12 menu (e.g. open HDI files to load games). I think the NP2 mouse cursor should be used for accessing the menus, but it’s still very, very fast. Any suggestions?

Many thanks for the help!


First, HDI files should be opened by RetroArch’s “Load Content” item.
But I have no iead for rumble mouse now. Sorry. Hmm.


There’s no option to make the mouse slower, it would be great to have one in Retroarch itself.
I’ve got a mouse with physical DPI switching buttons to make it slower here.

Try using “Joypad to Mouse Mapping” option to move the cursor with the gamepad if that’s better for you.


Found the issue: I had to switch “user 1 mouse index” in the input configuration in Retroarch from #1 to #2 and also turned off both joypad to mouse and joypad to keyboard mappings in the core options. Now mouse speed is fine in F12 menu.

Thank you both for your help! Looking forward to using this core!


I don’t think Vsync / No Wait / FrameSkip do anything at all in Core Options.
This is handled by Retroarch (except the frameskip which is not possible by design i believe).


Yeah. I think you saying too.
Those options are no effective…
It is fixed 56.4fps.

I hope to use ‘No Wait’ option with this core.

By the way, I check NP2kai core’s running and fmgen sound, Joy2Key by Touhou 2.
It was fun! :grinning:

edit: I can control speed with ''Frame Throttole" and R.Alt key,
“Slow motion” and e key. That’s enough.

edit2: I removed frame control options (No Wait, Frame skip, VSync).


Great score! :slight_smile:

I only finished it once with 3 continues for now.
I need to practice those games more.


Talking a bit about that game “Miko-san Fight” as it seems many people are confused with its gameplay mechanics.

On the right side of the screen it shows you which scroll color kills which monster.
Only the most recent scroll you picked up (the one on the right end in that bottom bar) is active.
To effectively kill a monster you then have to touch it while facing it (don’t stay facing the camera, can’t kill while climbing ladder…).

So it’s like a puzzle-platformer: pick up the scrolls in the right order, sometimes jump above the monsters, find a way around the levels that works…
A CPU speed around 33Mhz seems right (x12)?
Joy2Key on “Keypad” is needed for this game to play with a gamepad.


Initially, PC-98(PC-9801/PC-9821) is derivation of PC/AT with MS-DOS.

PC-98 have BIOS.
It can be setup with End key(Help key) + power up.
GDC clock can be set to 2.5MHz/5MHz.

CD drive can be used with NECCDD.SYS and MSCDEX.EXE.