Neko Project II kai (PC-9801) core (different nekop2, meowPC98)



I fixed BEEP PCM.
I checked it in the ‘2 Shot Diary / ツーショットDiary’.
But other game isn’t checked yet.
(‘2 Shot Diary 2’, ‘TOKIO’, etc)
BEEP may sound strange.

Please try this.


Hi, thanks for your effort on this issue.

It’s better than before, voice is clearer, but pitch and timing seem wrong.


(It seems that it has nothing to do with my BEEP PCM betterment.)
I’ll search this problem.


Speaking of issues, I spotted a problem with the core not reading in core overrides and shader setting when loading a file via Load Content (at least for the first time you open a file).

If you open by “Open Recent” it seems to load ok.


That’s a problem happening with DosBox too.
@Guicrith is the one who ported those cores and I think he omitted something, but I’m too bad to figure out what it is myself. :confused:


It looks like standard NP2 is loading correctly so I’ll try comparing them to see if anything pops out. I am 99.999% sure that your a better coder than me though so don’t get your hopes up.


I think it has the same problem.
Seeing that it works with a playlists entry, it’s probably because it got a path or the core name with it that is missing otherwise when doing “load content”.


Figured it out (at least as far as I can tell) then spent an hour trying to figure out github. Anywho, the issue is in libretro.c – there are two spots in I think in retro_set_environment where it’s trying to allow booting without a rom specified. If you delete those portions it auto loads the settings correctly.

I’m not sure when I’ll have time to figure out git and commit though.


Nice, I can confirm that. :slight_smile:

But this call allows the core to be started without content, so removing it is not the best solution.
I’ll pass the word around to see if that’s something that can be fixed at Retroarch level.


I implemented booting without a rom specified for using as real PC.
But full key is inconvenience on RetroArch.
Then, I think setting ‘RETRO_ENVIRONMENT_SET_SUPPORT_NO_GAME’ is not important.

Let’s wait Tetsuya’s betterment.
Or please tell me, when I have to remove ‘SET_SUPPORT_NO_GAME’.

Sorry to inconvenience. Thanks.


Np2kai is in the buildbot now for most platforms (still missing some like android x86/arm64).
You can get it by going into the Online Updater, updating core info files, then download the core.


I checked NP2kai, T98-Next, and real machine.
They occurs Garudius95 title image is missing 16 pixels on bottom.

It’s displaing is beautiful on Anex86 (emulation EPSON PC not PC-98).
I feel wasteful.

Oh, sorry. I don’t want to say ‘waste’. Bad word.
I wanted to say how can display correctly image like as Anex86.
Probably real PC-98 display image not correctly too.


Let’s call NEC.
They need to fix their original machine then. :expressionless:

(…or Garudius 95 authors.)


What exactly does this screen mean? Do I have to change something in the np2 config? Almost every hdi game I try to load comes up with this screen.


First, ‘Load Core’ and select ‘np2kai_libretro.dll’.
Second, ‘Load Content’ and select hdi file, and ‘Neko Project II kai’.
Then boot up from HDD(hdi image).

It seem boot up BIOS BASIC mode.
That means you setup BIOS files correctly.
But something caused to not boot up properly from hdi file.


I think it all came down to me not being able to load anything off an external hard drive, I guess the files just can’t be read that way. The moment I moved my hdi images to the internal sd card (I’m using Nvidia Shield TV) and tried to load a game they all worked.


Anyway, it was nice to work.
However, it is inconvenient that external storage can not be used.
I can not imagine whether it is a matter of permission.
Will it be similar in other applications on NVIDIA SHIELD’s Android?


Yeah that’s good that I finally got in and I’m not sure if it’s similar with other applications.


BEEP sound is getting better. Two shot diary voices can be understood and don’t seem to be cut any more.
Nice work. :slight_smile:

I need to find some time to play this game to improve my Japanese now…


Thanks Tetsuya.
I’ll tune the core and my English, more better. :sweat_smile:
I and NP21/W developer talk about betterment sometime on Twitter.