NES cores available on RPi1 are too slow

I recently installed Lakka on my Raspberry Pi B+. The only NES cores that show up in the menus are FCEUmm and Nestopia. Neither of these runs fast enough. FCEUmm is nearly fast enough if I severely overclock the Pi. Looking around, it seems that the Quicknes core runs faster than these two, and would be ideal for older RPis. I looked into adding it, and this page: links to a list of cores already packaged by Lakka here:

That list contains Quicknes. Why is Quicknes not available in Lakka on the Raspberry Pi? (I’m using the latest 2.3.1 build).

Followup question: I love the Lakka project and would like to contribute to it, what can I do to make this core available for everyone using Lakka?

I agree it should be included.

For now, you can “sideload” it by putting it in /storage/cores.

The build from here should work:

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Thanks! Unfortunately, when I unzip those into /storage/cores, they appear in the menu as available NES cores, but when I try to use them, they don’t load and I just get kicked back to the menu. I tried 3 different cores and they all did the same thing: quicknes, bnes and emux_nes.

I figured out that the quicknes core wasn’t building, so I opened an issue and a pull request to fix:

if you are able to re-compile fceumm for your device, try lowering audio rate to 32000(or 44100) and only use “low sound quality”. this should make core use a much lower 44100-based audio filters which could possibly speed things a bit (but since this is RPi1, dunno)

Thanks for the tip, the quicknes core is pretty fast and runs at full speed on my Pi. Overclocked, I can even run it full speed with the crt-pi shader.