I have just an NES Classic Mini(no Super Nintendo Classic Mini). And I have the shader HMOD set that KMFDManic has provided, yet a few shaders work while a massive majority don’t.

I am aware it could possibly be due to the hardware limitations of the NESC as opposed to the SNESC. Yet I would love to be able to utilize shaders, shaders with custom bezels/borders, and so on WITHOUT either minor slowdowns or heavy duty slowdowns. Same is also said about shaders that REFUSE to be recognized and applied(always reverting the pass count back to zero).

Is there any way possible to get shaders and so on to be utilized fluidly and actively on the NES Classic Mini? If so, it would help A LOT.

Better example, CRT-Royale doesn’t work. GB borders with shaders slow down hard. VHS doesn’t work. CRT-NES-Mini works, but not similar to the built in CRT filter the NES Classic Mini came with. CRT-Famicom dramatically slows down big time. And about 90% of the shaders refuse to jumpstart when selected.

If anyone who knows how to make any of this compatible, it would be greatly appreciated to get this functionally proper.

Again, I only have JUST THE Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Mini(NES). Not the Super NESC Mini.

NES Classic Mini and SNES Classic Mini have the exact same (very weak / low-power) hardware. Their GPUs can only run a handful of shaders at full speed, including basic scanline shaders and zfast-crt.

Things like crt-royale and gtu-famicom are way out of its league.

For borders, you’ll probably have better luck using overlays.

I was surprised when I saw KMFDManic run them from earlier videos, yet those same ones he got running don’t seem to want any acception to work. These all being from his NESC. Granted, the later vids show he had them running on the SNESC, but how can the big league shaders work for his set up while they don’t for mine?

I will take what you said to mind. Yet what I see from KMFDManic’s vids kinda leave me to wonder.

He must have been running them on other hardware, as the S/NES Classics have a GPU on par with a cell phone from 10 yrs ago.

That makes a whole wide world of sense.

Now I am curious.