New crt slang shader presets , crt-universal and crt-rotated arcade


Altered crt mattias, added sharpness control, removed ghosting (the ghost were pretty far away from the image, will look at it another time to see about reapplying them closeer to main image)

Altered reshade/vibrance, added saturation and brightness controls

normal deblur

crt-rotaed-arcade is for arcade games that use a rotated screen and need the scan lines to run vertical instead of horizontal:

Altered crt-mattias, same controls as above plus reversed x and y so scan lines would appear correctly on rotated screens

alteres reshade/vibrance as above

altered auto-box/box.slang:

allow x and y scale sliders to underscale/downscale image, for those rotated games that are pushed too far up so the top line of image is right against the screens top line…you can set y to .95(95%) and add a small buffer zone between screen top and image top…

just extract to retroarch root folder it should extract in to the proper path…

All credit goes to original crt-mattias, reshade vibrance , deblur, and box.slang authors… I simply modified their existing work …If they wish my modifications to not be posted, they can contact me here or on discord

DL :