New gpu = no longer working?

Hello. Hopefully someone will be able to help me here. Really frustrated.

I downloaded and installed Lakka on my pc’s SSD using Generic.x86_64 version 4.3. It worked very well. Played some games. I am using a i7-7700k, 1TB SATA ssd, and nvidia GTX 1660. Was playing some ps2 games and thought about upgrading the gpu…so…got and installed a RTX 3070 Ti. Rebooted and it doesn’t work. Lakka froze on the boot/flower screen.

Tried deleting the retroarch cnfg file by directly accessing through another pc. Tried reinstalling v. 4.3 with usb key (multiple times). Tried installing the latest nightly build (12/29/2023 5.X). Tried installing older version (4.0). Tried altering retroarch cfg file directly from another pc (not SSH or command line…just using Notepad) adding video_driver = “vulcan” & “gl”. No good. Finally throwing my hands up. Maybe Lakka doesn’t like RTX 3070 tis?

Not sure what to do, so, posting here. I realize you probably would like log files. I can’t figure out how to do that. I can go directly into the Lakka box via another pc, as I would when I transferred ROMs, but not sure where to look for logs. Not sure how to do anything on flower splash screen as keyboard typing does nothing. Tried using Putty to SSH in, but, I don’t know what I’m doing. I put in the ip address and get a message to the effect of “access was denied”. I can’t see where to enter username and password as “root” in Putty and I get no prompt. It maybe I need to turn on SSH service on Lakka device? But, can’t seem to type anything into the Lakka box through keyboard directly. Lol…I do not know Linux/Command Line/SSH at all… If anyone has thoughts, appreciated. I was really enjoying Lakka for awhile…just thought a better gpu might help with slight stutter I get occasionally. Probably shouldn’t have touched it.

Lakka is not compatible with the RTX 3000 line of GPUs, so you’re going to go back to the GTX 1660. Seeing that it’s still being actively supported by Nvidia, and Nvidia’s Linux support is shit, well, you’re SOL there with the 3070 Ti (I tried with the 3070, same thing, so don’t feel bad).

Ahh…that explains it. Well…that’s a real bummer. I suppose it’s my fault…I didn’t do my due diligence. Fortunately, I know of another pc that could use the 3070ti…so it’s not a complete loss. Thank you for the response.

Nvidia’s linux support is perfectly fine, new linux drivers are released at the same time as new windows drivers. The problem here is that lakka is not using those official nvidia drivers, it’s using some unofficial open-source drivers instead.

In the best case scenario, even if your nvidia gpu is supported by those unofficial drivers, the performance might be far lower than the official drivers, which is why you should probably entirely avoid lakka if you have a nvidia gpu. Installing some linux distribution (ubuntu ?), then the official nvidia drivers then retroarch, is by far a better solution.

For recent Nvidia GPU, you can try our x11 builds from Lakka 5.x which should work with your GPU.

Thank you for replies gouchi and BarbuDreadMon. I’ve backed up a bunch of Lakka files that I could access to my other pc and I’m going to try some things. Appreciate it.

Oh, the creator of Linux tends to disagree with you:

But this was a while ago. NOW? Eh, still not great, and since Linux is open-source, and Nvidia’s drivers are STILL closed-source, yeah, not all that good. THAT is why Lakka can’t use them.

Their intelectual property, their choice. Anybody who think he can dictate to others how to distribute their intelectual property is an idiot, and not the good kind.

The end-user couldn’t care less as long as it works properly.

And THAT is why you should use a linux distribution where those drivers are available when you own a nvidia gpu.