*new* N64 Save "Converter"

Hi, I found this thread N64 Save File Convert while looking for a way to convert my PJ64 saves to something that the Mupen64+ core would like. So after looking at it, and it being somewhat old and without a proper release I decided to write another one, while taking into account the actual mupen64 core save code.

The repository is here.

I used it with my save collection and it worked pretty well (with saves from 2006!).


oh man, that’s great! Good job, and thanks for sharing it!

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Yes thank you for this! I’ll give it a try next time I need to convert.

I’ve built now a GUI for this, currently there are only downloads for Windows and macOS. I’ll upload a linux one soon.

The repository is here. Go to the releases page to get the latest version.


I can’t seem to find how to edit my last posts… anyway… now if you cannot even download an run the thing in your pc, you can use the web version. Although this only works one at a time… but it does so locally!