New raspberry pi


Do we have a build for the new pi? Will the standard pi 3 build work?


Pretty sure the standard rpi3 build should work as it’s still all the same chips, just the CPU is clocked a little higher.


The new 3B+ does not work currently (doesn’t boot at all). It was previously reported here:

It is supposed to be fixed with the newest LibreELEC, but the merge was reverted without comment so it’s hard to know what the state of it is. Any kind of ETA of when to expect it back would be very appreciated.


No ETA, this is a hobbyist project. It’ll happen as soon as someone can get to it.


I found the most recently touched nightly folders. I used this particular one on my 3B+ the other day:

I directly wrote it to the micro SD (via Etcher on Windows 10,) and plugged 'er in. Booted in seconds - emulation is butter smooth, somehow wifi worked out of the box without setting a region or anything weird like that. PS1 performance is better than my older 3B.

I’ll update as I continue to use it as my primary emulation machine. So far so good!

My only real complaint is… it still shows black boxes for box art previews after a while. It’s a persistent glitch that I haven’t seen fixed for a long time. Are they even looking into that?


I do have the same black boxes for box art (screenshots in my case), and actually it happens very quickly, just move around the playlists quickly for a minute and there you go… black screenshots and also missing game names on the playlists for me. I’d love to know if this is a known bug too cause couldn’t find it so far.

NVM. Here it’s reported on Github, no solution so far:


With permission, I started a new github Issue for the XMB “image crash” bug to try to build new momentum on troubleshooting:

One of the benefits of a new Issue is that it will be easier to manage a bounty. Speaking of which, I’m now trying to raise a bounty to get this fixed.

I put in a few dollars to get it started. If you have five or six dollars, consider pledging it here:


The latest nightly builds should work with the new pi


Hello im spanish boy. I have had a bad experience with retropie, some games ( neogeo, snes, nes) works but psx and n64 imposible found ( problem gamepad) Its possible install lakka in raspberry b+ new. Thacks


Yes, use the latest nightly build from kivutar’s link just above your post.


Link to download please. Or img for burn. Thx


In ribistar only Rpi Rpi2

My console is rp3 B+


The img builds for Rpi 2 are the ones you want, they are the ones that work for RPi3 as well, all sub models (E.G. Rpi 3B+)



I gave a try to this Lakka 2.1 build It boots ok, seems fine, but no sound from jack even after setting hdmi_drive=1 in config.txt (or distroconfig.txt). From the Lakka menu informations i can see something like “Jack support : no”.

Any workaround ? Should i give a try to the latest Lakka 3.0 preview ?



Oh well, my mistake. i forgot i had a script to manage this issue in my previous lakka install. :sweat_smile:

The script still does the job with the rpi3+.

For those interested :

nano /storage/.config/

paste this in it :

  sleep 2;
  ## trying to set timezone. doesn't work (echoing it in /storage/.cache/timezone does), keeping it anyway.
  export TZ="Europe/Paris";
  ## access roms on my synology NAS using nfs. 
  #sleep 2;
  #mount -t nfs /storage/roms/nfs -o nolock;
  sleep 2;
  ## this is the trick to get sound working at boot
  amixer cset numid=3 1
) &

then make it executable :

chmod +x /storage/.config/

reboot and you should be good to go.

(edit : trying to deal with text formatting)


My RasPi3B can use Lakka,but it seems that 3B+ still can’t.


It’s working fine now, I’m new to Lakka and the latest version from the site works with 3B+