New RPi4 case from retroflag. Thoughts?

RetroFlag Pi4 case with a really neat feature! Check the reviews on youtube for more info! One such review here:

Another review:

I’m really stoked! My first game console was an NES.

Their safe shutdown switch does not work with Lakka OS, people have posted about that and the company has not fixed or released a script that has worked for 2.3.2 nor this newer Lakka 3.0 version. That tells me the company does not care about standing behind the product. Also Youtubers are nothing but shills.

Dear Joystick2600,

  1. There is a switch inside to enable or disable the safe shutdown and safe reset functionality.
  2. Lakka has built-in shutdown and restart functions, so no big deal if the buttons in front don’t work.
  3. I’m not sure what you mean by “shills”. Youtubers are people, just like everyone here. We all have our perks and our quirks.

Also, I believe much of Lakka runs read-only. It may be difficult or even impossible to add arbitrary startup scripts. I’m not 100% sure. I’m in the process of adding my ROMs to my Pi4 now. I’ll check in later.

I have put one together and it’s safe shutdown down script did not work with Lakka 2.3.2 stable builds or the nightly builds for the Raspberry Pi 4. I just checked their github and they have not even updated it, its been 3 years since there was any changes on their Github page for it. There was another thing about the case is that it did not close flush. Mine had a bit of a gap that was annoying. For what its worth its overpriced.

Perhaps. Just to be sure, are you sure you have the new version specifically made for the Pi4? They had a few older versions that were designed for older Pis. If so, remove the outside screws and crack open the case. Verify that the hardware switch inside is set to “on”. It is set to “off” when shipped from the factory. You are probably still correct. Most other products don’t have a safe shutdown script that works in Lakka either. My understanding was that this is a limitation in Lakka, however. I might well be mistaken on that, however.

Also, if you’re not happy with the Case’s performance in Lakka, you can always try RetroPi. Just switch to a different MicroSD card, or erase the current one. That, however, is a discussion for a different forum.