New theme I'm working on WIP

Hi all more to come with images to see what you guys think


I really like it. Very interesting way of displaying a system in a minimalist way. Keep up this awesome project.

Thanks that’s exactly what I’ve been wanting from lakka for awhile and the xmb menu has always been hard to get right from a background but This is like minis classic as custom play lists and custom box art

Thanks again

That looks really nice!!

Thanks again for the great comments :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t wait to see the finished product. Looks very promising!


Nes classic


Pc engine turbografix 16

Wishing there was a way to contain the playlist to not overrun the top and bottom border

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maybe you can do that using overlay…

Overlay per system ui xmb ???

there is the option to show overlay in the menu. The truth is that I do not know if it would work, but an image to the xmb is prefaced in that way.

Amazing. How would one go about getting this theme?

I’ll donate if required :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, what’s up? Will be this theme published to test it?

Nothing is up its still wip which is not finished Time is not on my side at the moment With other projects and life But I could release for others to join in Many thanks

GitHub it, and add me as a Contributor! - Zewwy

Has the project died?

This theme looks awesome! Fingers crossed it’s not dead…