Nice work! Really enjoying Lakka 3.2

Hi all,

Hadn’t updated Lakka on my Raspberry Pi 3 for a long time. Everything was set up and working just as I wanted.

Thought now might be a good time to try out the latest release on a spare SD card.

With the move to AArch64 a clean install was the only sensible option and I was already dreading wrestling with the terminal and ssh to set up my bluetooth controllers.

I needn’t have worried.

The new bluetooth menu is efficient and effortless. Found my controllers in no time at all and already configured, ready to play. Zero setup required.

Fantastic work from all involved.




I’ve installed 3.2 now on my Anbernic RG351M and my RPi4, but I dusted off my old RPi3B+ and loaded up the aarch64 version on that last night.

Have to say it performs amazingly well on the RPi3B+, so much so it was almost of par with the RPi4 on many cores, including Flycast surprisingly which runs superb.

Great job all involved!