Nightly builds Raspberry Pi hardware

  1. Can someone explain this rpi4aarch build?
  2. For a raspberry pi 4 user I use rpi4arm but what exactly is that other build and should I use it?
  3. For a raspberry pi 400 which of those builds should one use?

Nightly Builds -

  • Depending of the core, you want to use some core can take advantage of ARM64 (beetle-psx,dolphin,duckstation,flycast,mame2015,mame2016, mupenplus…).

  • RPi 400 is not supported on Lakka.

Not sure if it’s appropriate to ask this here but given the rather general nature of the title of this thread it seems like adding here might be preferable to making a whole new thread.

I’ve been trying several arm and arm64 nightly builds and have yet to find one that’s reliable. Some have issues with sounds. Some have issue seeing my second drive with my games on it. Some have issues recognizing controllers. I’ve yet to find one I can even actually use.

Is there a nightly for Pi 4 that anyone else has found to work particularly well and reliably?

Im not sure if you can downgrade easily but I remember the ones before February working much better. I too have noticed with these past nightly builds for the rpi 4 that they have some sound issues.

Another project to keep an eye on is Ludo OS

Avoid the the nightly build that was added today. That one has sound issues as well. Interestingly the stable build is listed as rpi2-rpi4 so you may not be able to update that one.

Does anyone know what the PR builds are for?


It should correspond to this pull request #1208.

I just updated to the nightly build that was released today for the RPI4 and there are still funny issues with the sound.

Since it’s been a while, has there been any support added for Raspberry Pi 400 hardware?