No Audio on Atom based Mini PC

Hello, I’m a relitive newbie here and I was hoping someone might be able to assist me and figure out what i’m doing wrong. I’ll try to keep this as simplified as I can, not just for your sake, but mine too. :stuck_out_tongue:

My Lakka system

OK, so I managed to flash the latest Lakka Nightly[Generic.x86_64-nightly-20210207-c96c51a.img.gz] directly onto the Emmc internal storage, completly replacing Windows 10 (Don’t worry, I can revert back if I choose to). I’ve tested out a few emulators and so-far, so-good, except, no sound on any cores, on any of the availbe audio settings.

I’ve seen posts making reference to ‘a HDMI issue’ and people requesting logs for analysis. I would be happy to produce a log once I can get PuTTY to connect to the MiniPC. (I’m reading through the guides as I go)

However, I keep running into a fatal error; [Network Error, Connection refused] Should I try connecting directly (1 cable) between my main PC and the LakkaPC, instead of going through a router?

Untill I can get PuTTY to work, my options are a little bit limited. It’s gonna be trial and error, unless someone more experienced with PuTTY/Lakka can offer a suggestion or two?

I do want to thank people in advance for any help they may be able to provide. Right now ANY idea is better than none.