No Dosbox-pure on Lakka aarch64

Hi there, Lakka 3.2 is amazing and runs pretty great, my problem is that it’s missing Dosbox-pure, the by far best dosbox core for a tv setup. I tried to compile it on a raspberry pi ubuntu 64 but it breaks with wrong gclib version.

I’ve gotten around the glibc version issue by building in a docker container. If it needs an older version, a Debian container should work, I use it to cross compile cores for RPi OS.

Do you happen to have the .so file for aarch64? Or at least easier instructions for me to build it on the ubuntu on pi 64bit that I’ve set up…

Sure I’ll PM you.

Using docker is more useful for cross compiling on more powerful hardware, not really worth setting it up on the Pi itself in my opinion.

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