No More Lakka Nightlies?


I can’t help but notice that the Lakka nightlies haven’t been updated for over a month now, let alone a stable version since January. Is everything alright with this particular arm of libretro? I do hope so, as it’s brought me and my family much joy since its introduction.


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Hi, fellow user here.

I could be wrong but it just seems to me that the development of Lakka-5.x, which is a major update, has just been slow because of lack of time available from the developers. Maybe there are also some technical issues that are difficult to resolve, which I assume are likely when trying to support a wide variety of hardware.

For what it’s worth, I could make a test build of the master branch for RPi3, although I did have to disable a driver that didn’t want to compile.


What an unbelievably kind offer. I wouldn’t want to waste your time though. It’s just that after what I noticed above, alongside the lack of activity here on the forums and what appears to my admittedly untrained eyes to be updates on github measured in weeks, it was beginning to paint a picture that Lakka might not be doing so well. At any rate I do hope you are correct and thanks again for the build offer.

Hey, no problem, although for clarification I meant that I that I could (as in, managed to) make a build for my device (a RPi3), for the purpose of exemplifying that the up-to-date source that is available is in a mostly buildable/usable state, at least for testing.

Also I must add that I only built one simple core since I was just interested in trying the underlying OS.

Regards :slight_smile:

Ah, I gotchya. I too am interested in trying a newer release. Especially the higher functions such as the latest runahead alternative introduced in Retroarch not too long ago. I think that much of the hardware that Lakka is traditionally installed on could benefit from that particular feature among other recent advances.

Over the last few days, there have been a number of new commits submitted to the Lakka github, which suggests that development is indeed ongoing. I am unsure when the next development build will be released, but it looks like the project has not been abandoned.

Not abandoned, but the Lakka team just work on Valve time (e.g. when it’s ready…)

I didn’t suggest that the project had been abandoned; I said ‘has not been abandoned’. :slightly_smiling_face:

Indeed, the pace of development has steadily increased in recent months. Builds for supported devices are building properly again, some improvements have been made for the Retroflag GPi Case and GPi Case 2, and support for the Raspberry Pi 5 has been added. These are exciting times.

As the project gets closer and closer to release of 5.0, it is my hope that more developers will contribute their time and talents to Lakka development.