No sound coming from Nintendo Switch


I’m unable to get sound from my Nintendo Switch when I play on a game, even when I play portable or on HDMI. this issue happens on all the games I have currently (Mario Kart Double Dash, Paper Mario Thousand Year Door, and Warioware Smooth moves), which all run on Dolphin (which is practically the only GameCube and Wii emulator). I’m using the latest version of Lakka, and mute is off

Do other cores have audio?

The Dolphin core is the only core that works with any Gamecube rom

Yes, I’m aware. My intent was to determine whether it’s a core or overall setup issue.

I see, here’s my setup if your interested

Maximum Performance for CPU Handheld Boost+3 for GPU audio driver pulse video driver vulkan Hardware Shared Context On Audio Resampler sinc Audio Latency 64 Resampler Quality Normal Output Rate 48000 Synchronization on Maximum timing skew 0.05 Dynamic Audio Rate Control 0.005 No Audio Filters Vsync On Threaded Video On No Video Filters Windowed Mode off

do other cores have audio?

So I downloaded a GBA game (which works on multiple gba cores that lakka has available) and no audio

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I also tested out other audio drivers to see if it was just a pulse problem and still no audio

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Could be an audio device issue. Typically you would ssh into the device and run ‘aplay -l’ to find out what it is, but I’m not sure how that’s done on a Switch.

If ssh is not possible on my switch, is there any other solutions you can suggest

unfortunately, no. But hopefully someone who’s more familiar with the platform can chime in.