NOOBS build for Rpi3B+ ?

I noticed Lakka currently isn’t available to install via NOOBS on the most recent Raspberry Pi, 3B+, I assume due to the version in the NOOBS repository not being compatible with this model?

Is a Rpi3B+ NOOBS build something that is in the planning? Is there an issue in the tracker or existing discussion I can follow?

I know there are other options, but I would prefer to (eventually) have a NOOBS multi-boot with Lakka included, if available.


Rpi3B+is already supported but is only available on the nightly branch (it’s pretty stable by now and easy to download). I guess until a newer stable version of lakka comes out you will need to wait.

I have rp3 b+ running good.

Only have a problem dont connect to wifi on reboot automatically…