NTSC 256 or 320?


For NES (256 x 240) and Genesis (320 x 240), I have no doubt in using ntsc-256 and ntsc-320, respectively. But what is the ideal ntsc shader for Neo Geo, which has 304 x 224? 256 or 320?



It seems that you use the first number in the resolution, 320 for Genesis and 256 for NES, and in this situation if you are wanting to continue to use those ntsc shaders I’d go with the ntsc-320 because 304 is closer to 320 than 256 (less difference in resolution).


304 mode on Neogeo actually outputs at 320, they just black out a row of 8 pixels on each side when necessary. (Often those games switch between 304 and 320 mid-game anyway.)