Objective image quality when using shaders

When you see in live a screen CRT, you see the tree colors RGB in the pixel, and the space too. You and hunterk dominate this good, are boss, i am sure you can do it, maybe @hunterk told to you some things because he known HLSL shader. The screen of abobe is veery close to a real CRT arcade, i add best colors etc, but the mask is the good.

Yes, I understand all of that, but you’re failing to account for how the LCD subpixel structure interacts with the mask pattern. You should check out this post at @hunterk’s blog for more information on how the shader pattern interacts with an LCD’s subpixel structure.

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Yes i know how to some types of CRT look, about colors etc some things, but you are the expert how LCD screens interact with mask etc like hunterk member.

A simple RGB pattern doesn’t interact well with typical LCD subpixels, that’s what the magenta/green aperture grille pattern (as one example among many) is meant to address. You should check out the link above if you haven’t yet; it explains all of this in great detail and has a lot of good photos illustrating these concepts.

Here are a couple shots using my new “xVM” preset. This might be even more dynamic than my current shadow mask preset. I’m pretty pleased with these results; this is the first time I’ve been able to achieve this kind of dynamic range while having BVM-like scanlines.

Increase backlight to 100% and view at full size:


Looking good. Secret of Mana really pops.

Thanks! Forgot to raise Gamma for the Alien Trilogy shot, 2.8 is probably more appropriate.