[Observation] PSX - "Raiden Dx (Japan)" and CRT shaders

I observed a strange behavior with Raiden DX (Japan) [PSX] and CRT-shaders.

While on the course select screen and the game itself everything works as expected,
on the title and settings screen there is a strong wobling.

RetroArch 1.8.8.
Beetle PSX ecdf0c3

Tried to change the following settings:

  • Vsync ON/OFF
  • Integer Scale ON/OFF
  • Drivers gl/glcore / Shaders glsl/slang
  • Shaders crt-geom/ crt-easymode [EDIT] crt-easymode-halation

The first screen just looks like interlacing tbh.

Not sure what’s going on with the second screen though. (Kind of seems it has some animation so you aren’t looking at a static screen, not to sure as I haven’t played it.)

Probably would be helpful if you posted the same shots with no shader as well, imo.

The second screen is fine. I made a gif from a video, so the quality is not good.
Without shader everything looks good.

The wobling is only with certain shaders:

  • crt-geom
  • crt-guest-dr-venom
  • crt-easymode [EDIT] crt-easymode-halation

But not with:

  • crt-aperture
  • crt-cgwg-fast
  • crt-lottes

I haven’t testet more shader atm.

I looked through the core settings as well, but neither setting changes the wobling

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Well the first two shaders I know for sure support interlacing and it won’t do it on every screen. The shaders you said aren’t doing the wobble don’t do interlacing, so no wobble.

PlayStation 1 games sometimes switch resolutions constantly, sometimes the title screen and certain menus are interlaced with the rest of the game not being interlaced. So the screens that are interlaced will do that up and down wobble, and all the other parts will look fine without wobble.

@hunterk does easymode support interlacing, is that what we are seeing? Because that’s what it looks like to me.

Try changing the interlace mode in guest to 0 and see if it helps.

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[EDIT] I wrote the wrong shader: it’s crt-easymode-halation :slight_smile:

I tried disabling interlacing on crt-geom and crt-easymode-halation and this did the trick :+1:

Thank you for your help @Syh

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Np, I’m glad you got it figured out.

You can change the interlacing mode in guest as well to fix it. Not sure if it can be fixed via settings for easymode.

Hunter or me may have to add a toggle for it. (Hunter would get it to way faster than me, I’m lucky to get out of bed in the morning, lol.)

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easymode was working as expected in the first place.
easymode-halation and crt-geom are working fine now,
but guest is behaving strange even after disabling interlace mode.

But this doesn’t matter for me, as i am mostly ingame and not stuck on the title screen :wink:

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Could you describe how guest is acting and post a gif for it?

Here are 2 screenshots: 1. windowed, 2. fullscreen (scanlines and the mask seems missing):

The first image looks like how it should, at least for scanlines at interlacing resolutions. It would look normal for non-interlaced screens.

The second screen, the issue is it’s set to a different resolution for some reason. The mask is showing though, btw.

I read that the PSX is switching resolution quite often. https://www.retrorgb.com/playstation1.html

Almost all PlayStation games output a progressive scan resolution that’s nicknamed 240p. A few PlayStation games run at an interlaced 640×480 resolution called 480i. Some games mix the two resolutions, which can cause problems…

Now i have to find other games switching to 480i to check, if the problem exists there as well…

Here few VRAM/GPU screenshots: (btw. is this also possible in RetroArch to view vram data?)

Any games that hit 480i is going to cause that as the I is for interlacing.

480p is non-interlaced.

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Yeah, PSX “Einhaender (USA)” the same.
Some menus are 480i, but the rest of the game is 240p.

“Silent Hill (Europe)”: game 240p, menu 480i

Turning off the “interlaced” option in easymode-halation & crt-geom works well, but seems to work in guests shader only when retroarch is in windowed mode.
Fullscreen the problem persists.

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Shaders are temperamental, try loading the shader while in fullscreen and see if that helps.

And yeah alot of games use 480i for start screens and menus, and use 240p for everything else on the PS1.

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