Odroid GO Advance Clone support?

As some of you might know, there are at least a half of dozen OGA Clone out there. Given many pretty much have the exact same hardware, except couple QOL things like USB - C and no 10pins expansion port, etc.

How hard it is for Lakka to support those devices? Can it be just a generic RK3326 build and cover them all?

I must say, as much as I love the original OGA, its build quality is lacking behind compare it to many of its clone.

Your thoughts?

If they’re using the same chipset and drivers, it should be fine. However, we can’t support every device that comes out, as we have neither the money nor the time to seek them out and buy them and then ensure a good experience on them.

Understood. Do found that, most these clone work “out of box”, as most clones are just clone. Except for one major issue, which is the controller, some seems needed specific driver to work properly. So things like rumble motor wouldn’t stay on, etc.

Would it be hard to implement something like this?