Openssl config/compile is x64 when ARCH=i386

Trying to build LAKKA 2.3.2 for 32 bit:

DISTRO=Lakka PROJECT=Generic ARCH=i386 make image

everything is going great until I get to openssl, which configs to x86_64 and fails to build. If I switch into the openssl directory and do

./config && make

it recognizes my i386 arch and builds fine.

Does anyone know where I can find where the openssl config settings are being created in the image build?

Just curious, are you compiling it on a 64-bit processor?

Nope, compiling on a 32-bit AMD Athlon 2600+.

All of the packages up to openssl compile -m32, then openssl goes off the rails. If I run the ./config in openssl package directory, it properly detects I’m on a 32-bit system and compiles. I even replaced the config/arch.x86_64 file with the arch.i386 file, but the installer package doesn’t seem to use this for openssl. Best I can guess, somewhere the config for is drawing on some other inputs that have escaped my ability to find it.

Figured it out. You need to edit packages/security/openssl/ and change

./Configure --prefix=/ $PKG_CONFIGURE_OPTS_SHARED linux-x86_64 $CFLAGS $LDFLAGS


./Configure --prefix=/ $PKG_CONFIGURE_OPTS_SHARED linux-elf $CFLAGS $LDFLAGS