Organize and display roms in subfolders for each system

Hello again, i eas searchin the web around, but seems that lakka dies not supporta display g subfolders in the playlist, in these are shown only files, can you confirm?

Ive also noticed that usin auto scan for systems which are “no intro compliant” roms won’t be shown, instead goin for a manual scan will generate a playlist, but without a dedicate icon, please confirm that too? Ive seen that with c64 and amiga

Sorry, to better explain myself, say havin a /roms/atari2600 folder, other ones inside in it like

/roms/atari2600/1982games, /roms/atari2600/1983games

and so on…

I do not have Lakka installed, but it should work in the same way as the regular retroarch. I have not had problems scanning inside folders with “Scan Directory” works well with consoles, disc formats have some problems.

Retroarch is compatible with the conversion of names “No-Intro, Tosec, Redump, etc …” Keep in mind that, if the ROMS collection is not of those systems, the “Scan Directory” does not recognize them.

In these cases it is better to use the “Manual Scan” option. Not to lose the icons and see inside sub-folders, place it in this way.


Thanks i tryed but it did not work, probably because there were dots in the folder name so it is not recognized, someone might confirm that?

Also i’m on the raspberry 3 version, don’t know whether there are difference form the generic PC one.

I know that in Linux there is no problem, the directories can have points. But (as my grandmother would say) “comes out cheaper if you test yourself”.

If you do the scanning “Scan Directory” automatic, make sure you have the installed emulator (core). Or activate the option to generate lists without core.

If you do the “manual scan” as I showed you earlier. It will come out on the list whatever you put, even if they are false files.

If the error continues, then create a Github report because it can be a more serious error.

Did a fresh 3.5 install but still no way. Please would you mind to fill that report since i’m very newbie? Thanks a load :slight_smile:

I can not make the report because I do not have the error, maybe you have to do some test.

Too easy. It also cost me a lot the first time, we go step by step.

Show me the files you want to scan and what type of extension do you have? And show me a capture of the SCAN manual.

ok so since there is no way to take menu screenshots, here a couple of pica taken with My smartphone, please considera Im on italian language…

usin’ the manual file scan option, there is the folder structure on my USB pen:

but after the scan all files all thrown togheter in a playlist that does not replicate the real file structure; in fact games inside the “gioch nuovi” folder are displayed in the parent folder:

is this a bug or an intende feature?

edit: sorry for typos!

Buongiorno. Everything is understood.

If this is correct. List is unique without subdirectories.

If you want to create “sections”, you have to make a “Manual Scan” and change the name of the list.

I see that you do not have the icon C64. You have to place:

  • System Name: Commodore - 64
  • Customs System Name: Empty
  • Defaul Core: The one you use from C64.

As in the following image:

205 / 5000

If you want to create sections, you have to create personalized lists and lose the icon, there is no other way. You have to place:

  • System Name: Custom
  • Customs System Name: The one you want.


PostData: non è necessario decomprimere. È compatibile con il formato .zip e .7z.

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If this is correct. List is unique without subdirectories.

oh,…ok so i guess i have to make a reason about it…because thatis what i wanted! ; :sob:

For the devs: maybe in next version might be done in a way that playlists would “mirror” the original scanned structure, allowing navigation inside of it? At least as an option user can turn on and off…

Sidenote: in lakka italian “scan recursively” is translated “scansiona ripetutamente” while it is more correct to have it as “scansiona ricorsivamente”, please take note for next version :slight_smile:

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I do not think that happens, at least with these interfaces.

I’m not sure where this is, I think it’s here…