Overlay Border Repo

I set up another overlay repo specifically for decorative borders. The main overlay repo needs to stay lean because it’s a necessary download for mobile users due to the need for touchscreen gamepad controls. This repo will not be included in the main assets and will instead be an optional download, so we don’t need to be as careful with it.

For submissions, please try to keep the size as small as possible (e.g., try running images through pngcrush, etc.) and include any credits in the cfg file. Try to give your overlay an informative name, so we don’t end up with a million overlays named minor variations on “Famicom” or whatever. For example, if you’re going to do a series of overlays on a theme, come up with a name for it and put them together in a subdirectory.


“Swear word” awesome :clap:

Actually I have no clue how to use a repo :frowning:

I will look into it but if anyone can demistify it feel free. Do I need to signup to git hub or get any software to be able to add stuff?

Yes, you need a github account and some sort of git software. The way it works is: you make a fork of the repository on github, use your git software to clone the repo locally, make your changes and then check them into your repo using the git software, and then from github’s Web interface you generate a pull request. One of the libretro team members will then review the changes and accept them into the repo.


Ok so I made a start on this. Got git setup and forked.

Anyone have experience with pngcrush? Need a way to batch crush as website only allows 1 image at a time

@aorin1 I have been folowing Hunterks steps above.

Im not really sure how users download them but will get that sorted

OK, when you do, let me know how to, thanks That

well i have muddled into creating a pull request. Literally no clue how i got there or if its right. GitHub is going to be fairly easy to use by the looks of it just need some time to get a grip of the concept. :slight_smile:

I noticed nosh had expressed he was fine with his borders being included with RA so I’m assuming he is cool with the being included here. @nosh (I don’t think he is active anymore. I will work on these next

I asked a couple of others to confirm it’s ok aswell

Nynn77 from Launchbox was also cool with it so will work on those after nosh’s

Can anyone think of a solution to including the Custom aspect ratio and recommended shaders. I was thinking of a text file (may do it for credits also @hunterk) or placing the notes in the .cfg file but .cfg file seems obscure and not sure if syntax may cause a problem

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If you don’t fancy getting GitHub setup you can always sent me the files and I will add them. Up to you

Even though I would rather go with the cfg file with extra info embedded, it might be better for the overall user base and its knowledge of file handling to have a separate txt doc included.

that’s a good point. files named README.md will display right in the github web interface, which is handy. It’s probably a good idea to keep the info in the cfgs, too, but having a README would be helpful, I think.

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I`m ok with it @Thatman84, I also posted the link to get them in “Post your overlays” thread, feel free to add them.

So I have done a little testing and research.

It seems that various cores and also games within those cores will render their gameplay screen at different sizes if left to core provided.

Now this again begs the question of what settings to add in the borders. cfg’s of readme files.

For simpilcity im thinking my approach will be custome viewport settings for everything & a guide in the guides section that is referenced in the readme’s/cfg’s that covers the subject so anyone can make their own edits and realise that the settings provided wont work for everything

Yes, some cores do different things. If it was played on a TV, core-provided should be 4:3. Some cores have core options to use different ARs with core-provided AR, but 4:3 should still be an option. RetroArch also has a direct 4:3 AR.

Sticking with an existing AR setting is usually going to be better than using a custom viewport because the custom viewport settings are absolute and won’t scale with other resolutions. OTOH, 1080p is the only common resolution that isn’t an integer multiple (or very close to it), so it’s the only one that’s going to have any space above/below the image anyway.

If you’re going the custom viewport route, you’ll probably want to pre-calculate the size for various resolutions. You’ll probably want to make sure the instructions are somewhere shipped with the overlays, that way you don’t have to worry about URLs changing or disappearing.

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I am still around just busy raising kids. My overlays are on github https://github.com/nosh01/retroarch-overlays. More than happy to have them included in RA. I haven’t tagged them with my handle so that’s really the only thing I ask.I have seen them used all over the place on the interwebs, be nice if my name was in there somewhere.


Added NyNy77 collection from LaunchBox.

@Orionsangel do you have a single file up to date collection somewhere? I have a mass of downloads of yours but looks like lots of duplicates.

Hey! Checked the repo but could not see NyNy’s. Are they somewhere else? I’m curious about how they look.

They are there now

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Thanks! Some of those look very nice. The black bg ones are a nice option to focus the attention in the game space and not the sidebars.

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You could use a batch file something like this in windows …

FOR %%i IN (*.png) DO “c:{blah blah location}\pngcrush.exe” “%%i”

Put pngcrush in something like C:\Program Files\pngcrush and then create a text file in the windows dir called ‘zzpngcrushmulti.bat’ and put the above command in it substituting {blah blah location} for where you put pngcrush.

Fill any directory with .png files to be modified then do a SHIFT-RIGHT CLICK in any blank spot in the folder.

You should see and option to “Open command window here”.

Select it and then type the name of your batch file (zzpngcrushmulti.bat) and sit back while it rifles through the files…

I use a similar batch file for 7-zip… works great for rezipping thousands of ROMs at a time :sunglasses:

Why did I call it “zzpngcrushmulti.bat” ? so It will always be at the bottom of my Windoze dir and so i will never ever activate it by accident.

I hope this idea helps…

P.S. here is the code for my 7-zip batch file.

FOR %%i IN (.) DO “c:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe” a -mx9 “%%~ni.7z” “%%i”

ermm … P.S.S. pngcrush Binaries Here

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