OverlayFS + USB Floppy + Lakka + Me?

I’m using Lakka 4.2 and implement OverlayFS in autostart to merge playlists from an external optical disc into the default playlist directory. This works great.

However once I set up the same type of overlay with my USB Floppy Drive, it does NOT merge my playlists on the floppy, but it still merges the DVD playlists.

I can physically browse to the floppy directory in the Lakka, so its there, but not liking OverlayFS. I even (slowly) loaded a full ROM from floppy to make sure the drive/disk worked.

Are FAT floppy disks not supported by OverlayFS, or am I missing something? Can’t find anything explicitly stating so in Linux docs. Can anyone shed some light on this?

The goal is to have playlists from a DVD and floppy be available at the same time. I figured having .lpl files swappable via floppy would expand my gaming options.

Thanks for any help; already dumped 7hrs into this LOL

So to update, I was able to incorporate the floppy drive into my set up, just not with playlists. I set Lakka to load a custom .cfg from a floppy on boot and it works great for switching between kiosk mode and my admin test modes.

This has uses for user profiles with pre-signed in Retroachievement accounts but I’m still miffed I can’t, say, load a spare music .lpl file from it.

In autostart.sh, I even tried increasing the sleep time the Retroarch service is off to do the OverlayFS work in the background to no avail. Again, the overlays work for my DVD drive/discs but do not on Floppy using the same method.

The floppy is plugged into a powered USB 2.0 hub just like the DVD. I even moved it to a free port on my Tinkerboard to test if it was a power problem. Same deal.

UGH I just want swappable chiptune playlists lmao.