PapaShine's 4k Vertical Overlays (ArsInvictus style)

Too funny, man that Karnov gets around! :rofl:


@PapaShine, amazing stuff as always! Like I said, I think we need a Data East theme pack on! I’m not sure these actually need other screen sizes as the default is pretty good, it can’t get a lot bigger anyway and that’s accurate. I will sometimes do a version that sets the screen to the full width of the overlay with no bezel on the sides, it’s easy to do but kind of a preference thing. There are certainly some horizontal games that have smaller screen sizes by default where it’s more necessary, and for vertical games it’s usually a good thing to include a larger size (I’m doing that with Joust 2).


Thanks @Thoggo! A Case by case basis is right def right - And sure, I’m up for a data east set for - will have Heavy barrel done soon for these curved cabs then we can talk about some others, after we’ve done our current collection of course!


UPDATE forgot to post this last week but the ‘Sly Spy: Secret Agent’ overlay now has a fantastic new full res bezel in it scanned and supplied curtasy of @ArsInvictus which you can get from the same location on my Google Drive - Thanks!


Combined Thread announcement! I’m very pleased to say @ArsInvictus has kindly renamed his thread to reflect a more focused effort by a group of us (@ArsInvictus, @Thoggo, @Briball, and myself) who you may have noticed are now working closely together as a team on allot of these overlays - this will simplify things by reducing our posts to a single location and make updates easier for you all to follow.

Lots of exciting developments in the works and more great overlays in the pipeline - thanks to everyone who’s downloaded and enjoyed the work I’ve posted so far!

In case you’re not already following, here’s the new combined thread to catch all future overlays from me and the rest of the team: