PCSX ReARMed crashes when starting a game in Android

Yo folks
Since yesterday I couldn’t use PCSX ReARMed (r22 9cc1b6c) on my Android device to play since it makes RetroArch crash instantly when I try to run a game. Although it worked perfectly just last week.

I’m quite a noob so a don’t even know which information could be useful to solve my problem, neither know why DuckStation and Beetle run so low on my phone.

Hello, anyone who will eventually fall here due to a similar issue.
I managed to fix the problem changing RA’s versions.

RetroArch Plus 1.9.12 (Play Store)
PCSX ReARMed (r22 9cc1b6c)

RetroArch 1.14.0_GIT (LibRetro direct download)
PCSX ReARMed (r23l4373e29)

Now it’s working properly.