Pcsx-rearmed dynarec aarch64

Hi everyone,

I posted a few months ago in the Lakka forum and have continued to trawl the forums to see if anyone can satisfy my curiosity.

It seems that pcsx-rearmed performs much better with 32-bit. I am using a Rpi3.

I understand that that dynarec is unavailable in the aarch64 Lakka image. Is this planned future 64-bit releases or are there issues that make this difficult to implement? Is it a core issue or a Lakka issue or a something else issue!

The 32-bit version runs great but I love to try out new things and couldn’t resist giving the 64-bit version a spin on a spare SD card.

Genuinely curious,



From what I gather, it is highly unlikely that there is developer interest in working on a new dynarec for pcsx-rearmed. It seems to have a lot of issues (and has had them for a very long time) and also there are better emulators (notably duckstation) that work very well on aarch64.

Of course this is not certain but it will probably stay as a 32 bit arm specialist core.

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Thanks for giving me a better understanding of the current situation. I’ll certainly give Duckstation a try. Much appreciated. Cheers!