PDP Controller


Hi, I bought two PDP controllers for playing with LAKKA on my Raspberry Pie 3 B+. If I connect them with the USB Cable they are mapped as HORI Fighting Commander PS4-044 PC. No need to say that they don’t work. if I try to rebind the Buttons no buttonpress is received. Also the Light at the Guidebutton is not lighting up so it seems that the initial connection is established (finding a controller) but a second step is missing. Via SSH I can get these logs:

In another Forum I found something interesting of PDP controllers needing some sot of initialisation. Here is the Link to the Thread https://forum.level1techs.com/t/pdp-wired-controller-blue-camo-working-in-linux/131621 while looking through a xpad.c file from paroj at github I saw that the idVendor:idProduct of my controller was missing.

long story short, could somebody explain to me how to add the xpad.c to my LAKKA system so I could give the controllers a try?

Thank you in advance