Performance difference on Raspberry Pi 4 models?

Any difference between the 1 GB, 2 GB and 4 GB models that you guys have noticed or have been able to take advantage of? I just got my 4GB RasPi4B to go with my 2 GB RasPi4B. Been testing the latest nightly with it, and impressed by what I’ve seen so far, especially with 640x480 N64 and Dreamcast. No overclocking yet, and I’ll try once I get a hold of the cmdline.txt file. I have heatsinks and active fans on both Pi 4Bs.

I personally wasn’t able to get my hands on a 4GB model yet

I’m in the US so I was able to get mine from Vilros. They were the only ones that had the 4GB in stock about 2 weeks ago.