Performance on Lakka with the same hardware

Made some tests on dolphin and F-Zero GX on my laptop.

Linux-retroarch-Intel HD630-gl 40-60 fps, lots of stuttering

Windows-retroarch-Intel HD630-gl 40-60 fps, lots of stuttering, even worse than linux

Windows-dolphin standalone-GTX1060-gl, lots of stuttering

Windows-dolphin standalone-GTX1060-Direct3D 12, perfect 60fps at all times.

Windows-retroarch-GTX1060-Direct3D 12, perfect 60fps

PS CPU is i7-7700 4c/8t, 3.8ghz, 16gb (8+8 dual channel) and all tests done on battery

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And another with HD630 and Windows dolphin standalone, seems it can’t handle the game at full screen at any renderer (30-40 fps), when you switch to window mode 1x scale of native resolution it runs blazing fast at 60 fps.

EDIT: when switch-off AA-AF and run native 1x resolution at full screen it boosts to 55-60 at all times with minor stuttering (D3D 12).

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