Performance on Lakka with the same hardware

I have a question , in this pc can I run F zero GX are 50 - 45 fps if the same pc but running only Lakka can I run this game in 60 fps?

I think it will run about the same if it’s the same PC and the same core. Except if you have some bad driver or something.

so nothing is changes?

I don’t think such a big difference like gain 30% fps is possible by switching a distribution, except if you have some bad drivers.

when you said but driver , you said the gpu on the cpu?

First of all what are the specs of the laptop?

Usually GPU driver but I don’t think so.

I3 7020U and two 4GB DRR4

and something curious , when I had windows install in this pc , mario kart 7 Can´t running full speed but in ubuntu I can

Yeah because Windows probably run out of memory with only 4gb. Some Steam games that I checked run like a dream on Linux Mint. But the rest of my library like Witcher 3 and some others like Shantae games etc isn’t available on Linux. RetroArch too starts instantly, no switching on off full screen etc like in windows. But not good speed on Intel hd630 while it runs much better on Windows. The 2nd card of the laptop, Nvidia 1060 runs everything easily full speed.

so in this pc is not gonna try benefice if I install lakka in this laptop

I don’t think you will benefit if you install lakka on it. Been there, done that. I even had a lakka on usb at some time. But the laptop was really strong and couldn’t tell the difference.

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As a last resort I would add memory to reach 8gb and try Windows. Standalone dolphin there, should be your best bet. Usually standalone is faster

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because is not running the interface of the retroarch but I think dualchannel is batter on only 8GB , and I try to run in Dolphin without retroarch and the performace is almost the same

but in ubuntu is not recognize the dualchannel , and It said I have 7.7 GB in my pc hahaha

Dual channel needs 2 memory sims same size and same speed. So 4+4

so it said 7.7 GB because the both rams is not the same speed?

Because GPU takes a part of it. But it could still run dual channel if you have 2 same sims. Dual channel is VERY important if your card takes memory from there.

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I see , thank you my friend :slight_smile:

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I just split this into its own topic, since it was off-topic for the previous thread. Carry on :slight_smile:

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okidoki no problem :wink:

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